By Silver Shield, on September 16th, 2013

Did you feel it in the air on Friday the 13th?

In the latest of a long line of delay tactics, Rob Gray is doing what he has always done before when he gets caught, file for bankruptcy.  This will be the first of many bankruptcies now that his fraud is exposed and is in court.  He cannot file for personal bankruptcy until the 7 years is up from his last one in December of 2006.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 2.48.38 PMThis will blow up in Rob’s face because you cannot declare bankruptcy over fraud.  Especially since the Mulligan Mint Inc. did not even legally exist until 7/1/2013, only 2 months ago!  As far as I know, all of the creditors that loaned Rob money through the fictional entity known as the Mulligan Mint was prior to 7/1/2013.

The one good thing is that it is finally showing what I have suspected all along, there is a long trial of bodies in this mess. 

We already know they stole $1,400,000 from Republic Metals and I am sure their lawyers are going to have a field day with this latest delay tactic.

The next one is very interesting because it looks like from this filing that he took $650,000 from Lakota Oyate.  I know the Free Lakota Bank is Rob Gray’s  “personal piggy bank” that he “loaned” money to himself to fund his business and life,  I don’t know if this money was loaned to Rob or if this is what was stolen from the depositors of the Free Lakota Bank.  I am sure now that the cat is out of the bag officially, perhaps we will get some real information out of what is really going on at the Free Lakota Bank.

The next two individuals on the list are the ones that I feel the worst for since they are the ones that trusted the Gray’s the most.  Phil Pozderac and Steven Berryman were two employees that I had met in my two trips down to the mint.  They were very hard working and passionate people that not only worked many long hours building that mint but apparently gave the Gray Brothers $485,000 and $125,412 of their own personal money.  I am sure that this money was a significant portion of their life savings that was scooped up in this grand fraud.  While these men worked long hours for that money and many more hours building the mint, Rob Gray flew around the world and bought mansions with their money.

I do not feel sorry for American Express and their $245,000 loss.  They were warned.

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