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Published on Jun 5, 2016

MUSICAL TRUTH TOUR – Mark Devlin 2016

A Presentation from Mark Devlin to New Horizons Saint Annes, Promoting his new ground-breaking book: ‘Musical Truth’

Mark takes us down some seedy paths in the music industry which include:

• the true nature of the Beatles whose influence was worldwide
with music that changed dramatically later in the 60’s,
• the Paul McCartney replacement,
• dark occult aspects of the Rolling Stones,
• signs and symbols in pop videos,
• back-masking,
• mind-controlled artists,
• the Trans-humanist agenda,
• the systematic degeneration of hip-hop culture,
• initiation rituals, ritual sacrifice and demonic possession in the music industry.


In completely new research, Mark examines the unsettling links between the music industry and government ‘intelligence’ services since the earliest days of the business, on both sides of the Atlantic. The fact that the fathers of so many prominent musicians have been employed in these murky professions offers the strong suggestion that many high-profile acts were manipulated into their influential positions in line with mind-control and social engineering agendas, tying into the bigger picture of what’s really going on in the world.

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