The first diagram is based on the simple premise established by allowing sunlight to pass through a magnifying glass onto a combustible material. As the heat is concentrated onto a small space, the concentration will ignite the material. Now take this same concept onto a global stage, with a global agenda that needs to be set ablaze by the globalist sun god worshippers.

The magnifying glass in the diagram represents the minds of humanity. The human brain has the same physical properties as a magnifying glass, or prism, and will react in exactly the same way. Once thoughts concerning a particular topic, (thoughts are energy and light), and are directed at the subconcious brain, that topic becomes part of reality to the consciousness of humanity. The suggested and desired reaction and reality of the manipulators is realized.

This concentration of thought light energy creates a hotspot wherever the manipulators wish for humanity to see the reality in what is being suggested. In the case of global warming, the polar icecaps begin to melt because they suggested they would, and so they do. They also suggest that the whole universe is even warming up, (in spite of the lack of CO2 gases on other planets), but because of increased sunspot activity, among other events, and the whole universe is now warmer. These suggestions, concerning the whole universe warming up, are suggested by those who are trying to expose the agenda of the luciferian illuminati elite. In other words, the blind elite have hypnotized the blind searching people, who in turn, are now hypnotizing the common blind portion of humanity to stay focused on the global warming scam. Even the things written here, are further adding to the whole hypnotic trance state, but with the exception, that this is happening because of hypnotic suggestion.

This topic has to be addressed with a new suggestion, not subliminally, but very consciously, to assist humanity in waking from the trance.

This manipulation can be applied to everything that happens in the world. (WHIRLED, a simple sound subliminal). Without suggestion first, nothing appears or exists, for nothing appears, or seems real, without subliminal hypnotic suggestion.

Thoughts Are Words

Words Are Sounds

Sounds Vibrate

Vibration Is Energy

Energy Glows

Glowing Is Light

Light Is Therefore … Thought

How Global Warming Occurs

Leaving The Rabbit Hole Through Cynicism

This same principle can also be applied to returning us to our original awareness state. Instead of focusing on this 3 dimensional space as being real, become cynical about everything you see and hear, because everything is a lie. This attitude will reconnect you with your awareness. You virtually eliminate the veil of deceit and lies. Cynicism doesn’t have to be equated with depression or despair, or even anger and resentment. Cynicism is to shun stupidity and grab onto awareness. We simply don’t need to be influenced by a beam of light. This influence, is nothing more than sun god worship.

Rabbit Hole…