Hello Fellow Galactics!

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If you are anything like me, you are finding life on this planet increasingly curious!   As a planetary race, we are at a pivotal point in our history, restless with the status quo and unwilling to accept mainstream information.  There is an instinct in our guts and a yearning in our hearts to retrieve THE TRUTH, to educate ourselves beyond what is expected of us, and to live a life that makes more sense and provides a fulfillment we have been seeking for over a millennium.

The GOOD NEWS is we have finally tipped the scales.  We are no longer asleep, and in fact many of us are coming to, after a long slumber, to be fully present for this magnificent event taking place on Planet Earth…that is, we are evolving and stepping into the Galactic Beings that we truly are!  We are preparing for a change so magnanimous that even the most astute and well versed don’t totally know what to expect!

With this enormous shift comes a deluge of information and a multitude of perspectives, but this can be an amazing journey for us all if we remember to maintain a neutral position when previewing the data as it presents itself.  The internet has blessed us greatly, providing connections around the world and exposing us to truths we possibly would have remained oblivious to.  What I do find most interesting is that the internet has begun to shape our view of each other in a more humane way.  We are beginning to understand that every one of us, no matter what our country, culture, race or religion is, have all been subjected to THE VEIL OF DECEIT by our government leaders, financial oligarchies, and “people of importance.”

Ever since I can remember, I have felt compelled to present a very wide scope of information to those that will listen.  I am fascinated with the unfolding events and how we are reacting to them.  It is an essential time for us to remain open with discernment, and that openness will determine how we play out this ascension period.  I can not stress enough that this time requires us to really get to know ourselves, to educate ourselves, to develop our core truths, and learn to allow others this same advantage.  And while traveling this new path of expansion, we ride a wave of evolution that is beyond our comprehension.  This is an exhilarating time to be alive and it is no accident that you are here right now!

My goal with this blog is to provide you with historical and up to the date information and documentation on how we are shifting galactically.  I will hopefully provide you an ability to “connect the dots” between various reports and news items.  It will be varied in presentation, providing you with everything from news stories to channelings, to articles and e-books.  Whatever I feel has a glimpse for supporting our expanded awareness will be included.

How to Maneuver Through This Website

This website was designed to be an online library and one stop hub for daily news, information, and channelings, both planetary and galactic.

A Galactic View of Earth – This Section is designed to keep you abreast of the world’s erratic weather conditions, resources consumed, financial fluctuations, moon, sun, and planetary activity, and even a personal tool section for currency conversions and more!

Daily Blog – This is the landing page where you can stay up to date on the latest breaking news through a galactic perspective and add your own blog posts.

Why This Blog – This section is a tribute to my father who I thank for molding my galactic perspective.  I have provided information on his impact on me and his background in the Air Force.

My Background – This section shares the story of the car accident that changed my life forever and thankfully got me on the path to holistic and alternative health!  This is also where you can review my amazing homeopathic/nature’s essence formulas custom made for you personally to assist you with everything from stress, allergies, grief, anger, ascension, grounding, etc. as well as various physical issues.

Articles – This is where articles will be posted by myself and the GRT regarding these amazing times that we live in.

Transmissions – This is where I will post “downloads” or psychic messages from myself and others.

Events – This is an on-g0ing list of current reminders for various seminars or conference calls in the spiritual and galactic communities.

Healing Portal – This will eventually develop into a practitioners/healers portal for client referrals.

Steve’s Inventions – This is a presentation on Steve’s amazing inventions that incorporate orgone, zero point, and scalar wave energies.

Galactic Round Table – This section reviews the group that supports Royal Alliance, a company dedicated to designing and developing ascension centers throughout the world to educate and support those seeking to increase their connection and consciousness.

Research A-F,  Research G-R, and Research S-Z – This is divided into numerous categories for your benefit, depending on what you are in the mood to read or review.  You have the option of choosing from the following categories: archaeology, ascension, astrology, biology, conspiracy, education and news, environment, financial, geology, government,healing, health and well-being, history, metaphysics, quantum physics, science and technology, space and galactic brotherhood, spirituality, time, ufology and UFO’s, and 2012.

As many masters before have stated, “take what you like and leave the rest.”

From my heart to yours,