Hi Alexandra,

I’m just checking in with you and letting you know I’m doing really well with the I Am Free to Be Me Essence. I’ve noticed huge changes over the past few weeks. My communication and listening skills have improved so much. I feel so much expansion in myself. I feel like everything is going my way. I’ve noticed other subtle changes in myself too. I can’t wait to try the Breaking Down the Barriers essence.



Hi Alexandra

Thought you might be as intrigued as I am with “first reactions”…!!!
I have started using the your oils and essences before my early morning mantras and meditations… Thing is that, as soon as I finish putting the oil on the soles of my feet, Iris (“ee-rish” in Portuguese) our cat, starts “feverishly” trying to lick them, never having done this before. Unfortunately I now have to put my shoes on to meditate!!!

Much love


Hello Alexandra,

I’ve tried a lot of oils (young living, doterra etc) and I find the one Implants one (I am so sorry I can’t actually remember its real name) is one of the nicest smelling ones around. And I can feel its power too. I’ve no idea what the main ingredient is but I really like it. It aligns me nicely and I wear it when I go out. People notice it too..

Obviously I am a man and I find that not only do women like it but guys dig it a little too. Haha.. So I’m reloading. I don’t know whether I can comment on it’s properties for preventing entities and implants. I have had a few different sessions like that and found all sorts of nasties. It seems I’m a bit of a target.. But I do feel safer with it on.

Thanks for all that you do I love your shows and the information you share with us.


Hi Alexandra,

I’m a week into taking the Coping with limitations essence and I’ve felt big changes. I’d say the biggest one is a sense of freedom. Also, I’m more grounded, I’m eating healthier, I have better mental clarity, and I don’t have bad headaches like I used to. Nothing is bothering me except that I can feel a subtle pulse in my stomach when I lie down. I’m still navigating this Shift and waiting impatiently for the Big Day.




I wanted to tell you I had an incredible experience on the weekend. I was sitting in sun about 11am EST. I felt a slight pressure on my crown like a cap. I had eyes open and was looking up rolled eyes up toward my eyelashes/ forehead without tilting head. What I saw was rainbow crystalline DNA strands moving and sparkling around my forehead. Also rainbow crystal cells mixed in around the DNA. In about 10 min time I was so calm energized and blissed out.

I believe our session and the essences are clearing my way for that! I took two photos that day one of sun and one of myself with sun shining on my head. Could see the rays were rainbow and a green orb in sky as well as as behind sun another sun or planet had greenish tint. I am coming along in a more calm assured way.

I feel new earth frequencies are hovering right over me. I wanted to know what essence to use next? Could you suggest please. You have been right on target. I’m two doses from finishing coping with limitations. I want to fully open the flood gates for financial abundance and have complete trust in that process occurring no doubts. It’s been dripping in I want the Dam to bust open now. Work to do with a homeless project here in my area. Need money for that for myself and others.

Thank You Alexandra and PC for all your love protection and support.


Hi Alexandra!

So needless to say taking your essences has been an experience beyond my expectations! The first day I took them I felt some deep energetic things going on in my body, a lot of tingly sensations and vibrations going on places I have never felt before. Two days later I had an interesting experience at work and all day I felt pretty tired and I had trouble keeping my eyes open. That one felt like I had gone through a very deep clearing and broke down some deep barriers. What I have been doing most of the time is when I take the essence I lay down and do some sort of meditation, sometimes it’s silent, other times I focus on my intention but each time I feel the energy in my body and it is quite amazing I must say!
I had a couple of experiences where I manifested something without trying too hard and that’s always cool.
I definitely will continue to take them and clear it all, no matter how long it takes me.

Thank you again for all your work, light and energy and for offering these amazing products to the world. I will continue to keep you posted!

Much love!!


Hello to all
All around me I feel constantly a dynamic shift upon us and the alchemy kit was a blessing to help keep me grounded in my own unique Divine self.
Love is the harmony and life is love and I do feel more liberated along my path.  The Breaking Matrix essence is helping my magnificent being healthier and to being totally transformed.
I don’t think there is no right or wrong only choice and that’s what’s coming AND thank God we made it !!
I am taking the Matrix Breaking patterns first and I’m being consistent.  I will start the Letting go of Programming after. Both are extremely powerful but I want to experience each one at a time this time.
These tools are a great help for me in  preparing for the shift that is the higher consciousness, the Christ consciousness that is taking place here on earth right now.
I thank you for the support, I love you all.

When I started the breaking the barriers and financial alignment I felt subtle changes in my energy. It was a slow and gradual process. But when I took the Joy for the first time this morning it was an instant feeling of high energy. Wow!! I never felt anything that instant. I was completely impressed! Please tell Alexandra thank you from me for the wonderful work she is doing.
I cherish all her messages from the Prime Creator. I feel that my connection with Prime Creator is stronger with her channelings and essences/oils.
I am grateful!!
Sending Love and Light!


I have used Alexandra`s essences and oils over the last couple of years, however not on as consistent as I should have. I first stared using them to help with prostate challenges with the combinations of energy healing technologies she was also integrating. There was a huge difference in my prostate challenges and recently I have also used the essence on different areas of my body, like on my throat and neck areas, when I would have a sore throat or cough starting up and this has helped minimize the symptoms.

I have always struggled with finances and it is because I know the lie behind it, playing in this Game of Life we all know it makes it easier when there is sufficient income to meet the needs for paying the bills and feeding the family.

The most recent formula was created to shift my energies into creating the income to accomplish meeting the needs. This time of year is usually a real struggle for my business and it has been just the opposite. Using the essence with a real focus on intention is what is working for me. I will continue to be consistent and have intention as I work on other challenges I am entangled in and created in this Game of Life. When I command my intention is when I see the results extremely fast.

Thank you for all you are doing,


Truth Writer, Seeking Truth

Hi Beautiful,

Thank you for those great implant removal gems. I felt the effects immediately !! You are so gifted.  About 30 minutes after I took your tincture the first time I passed out and slept for 8 hours straight, which is rare. Used the oil on my sore neck and feet and it soothed me right away. I am very grateful.
Thank you Alexandra! I appreciate you and all you do.

Dear Alexandra,

After my implant removal, I contacted you regarding several items, but, primarily about a large lawsuit against me . This was a highly unusual situation which seemed unwarranted to me. None the less, it proceeded with earnest for a couple of years. I contacted you to create some personal essences for me, to deal with this. To my delight, as part of your protocol in making these personalized essences, you spent time with your guides to direct you about what is the highest and best essence for me. You then followed up with a personal phone call to me explaining in detail what your guides were shown about me and the situation in which I found myself. You went on to explain the essences , how to use them and what I could expect.

While the situation took a while, the lawsuit was eventually dropped. ( as you said would be) In fact afterwards, One of the plaintiffs came to me to say she and the others never wanted to include me in the suit, but that it was the attorney who pushed it. They demanded he drop the case against me.

Since then, I have received numerous comments and compliments about my service and professionalism , calling me the “intuitive” Realtor.

I have stepped into a new life of power, knowing who I am and walking in my freedom and love…..a new love and respect for myself (and others).. (the others has always been easy for me, it’s the “me” that’s been harder).

Thank you for your service and sacrifice . You are gifted, and I and many others are blessed because of you. Thank you for taking time to educate, encourage and love us.

We truly live in exciting times!



The oils and essences have been incredible.  When I put the oils on my feet I feel like a baby again!  I feel like I’m light and floating, so very comfy :D:D:D  I ran out of oils in the first week.  My essences are going good and I plan to reorder the oils after the 30 day mark.


Another area of growth has been through Alexandra Meadors’ Custom Remedies. The last set made for me was designed to help clear out old traumas–from abuse, sexual abuse, violence experienced in this lifetime by me. What was phenomenal about the energy work, is I felt myself connecting to Gaia in this clearing…I could ‘sense’ old energy ‘debris’ coming off Her in chunks, old dead gray eggshell-shaped pieces, that were literally falling off and falling away. It was similar to taking old rusty material off a boat that was covered in barnacles, and making it like new again in the dry dock.
When WE heal, Gaia heals! All of us! So if you are on the fence about following your inner guidance and trying something new that spirit is guiding you, why not give it a go? Alexandra and I have worked together on my energy for years, I trust her. And this last custom series I told her to do what ‘comes through’ and ‘feels right’ for me. I am literally delighted with the results! Here is a link to her latest as an example–she has many remedies available and I do the ‘CUSTOM’ one




Vibration healing is the way to go and I am truly blessed to have been directed to Alexandra and experience the miracles of her gift and talent. The frequency drops were especially fine tuned for my needs. It brought me to a whole different level of peace, health and understanding. I was able to pull in my strength and power like never before. It targeted areas in my body to accelerate healing and balance. I felt the energy of this essence immediately and a very noticeable positive difference. I was also blessed to experience a distant healing  with Alexandra which she reported to me the day after with all the exact trouble areas that she picked up on and I experienced great relief. I highly recommend this very effective and spiritual methodology of healing.


Alexandra –  I’m an IT professional who has been on my spiritual adventure for many years. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many practitioners, with varying degrees of results. I was guided to  have  the Implant Removal Process done, and the amount of personal garbage that I was able blow through was amazing! So I decided to try your custom formulas for me and my gifted 7 year old. I wanted to let you know the instant you started my personal consultation detailing what your formulas were targeting I could feel the alchemical essence begin to take effect, and I hadn’t even received them yet. Then once I began physically using your essential oils and essences I became aware that I was experiencing a “permanence” of energetic healing in all subtle and physical bodies.  Its potency and efficacy was felt after the first day.I can’t say this enough…Thank you!  Thank You! Thank you!

Love and Light

P.S. I’m looking forward updating you on the transformative results my daughter has too


The Financial Alignment Essence really worked quite well for me. I am no longer worried about money, because I just received a large amount from a forgotten business. I am going to order the Implant Remover Kit next.


As we all are, I am on a unique and personal journey. My challenges are not exactly your challenges, although similarities may or may not exist. I had identified one of my primary challenges long ago. It is, (yet in a strange way) authenticity. I have made great strides in my effort to “fully become the real me”.

For almost all of my life, I have been moral, honest, kind, transparent, and compassionate (although to varying degrees, at various times). This is my authentic self. The challenge I faced was how I often strategically presented my true self to “the world”. I wasn’t misrepresenting, yet I was maintaining a type of pretense that I didn’t need to. I’m not sure how/when/why it started, yet I could feel/recognize it. It was a weird type of inauthentic authenticity. If that makes any sense. This may seem a little logically convoluted. Please bear with me.

I could sometimes feel a not so subtle motivation, to be perceived by others, as having all those positive qualities. Which oddly enough, really did accurately define me, and was and is the authentic me. It was this motivation to “present”, that I felt needed to be addressed. I’ve described it as watching T.V. through a pane of clear glass. You can see the T.V. picture accurately, but the pane of glass is completely unnecessary.

I was presenting “an accurate self” to others, instead of simply BEing that pure self. Which were/are, interestingly, one and the same. This is subtle, but it is what I have felt I needed to tweak/resolve over the past few years. More recently, I’ve felt that I had “swept most of the room” and only the corners remained to be swept. The corners can be the hardest part. I had retired most of the old, unnecessary behaviors. But not all.

That’s where my wonderful friend; Alexandra came in. She prepared a specific remedy for me. After a few days of following her recommendations for usage, “those pesky corners” started to be easier for me to feel/see. I don’t believe she was aware of what I was “up to”, internally, consciously. Yet somehow she provided me with a tool that has allowed me to work on “my corners”. It was palpable. I could feel a subtle, yet actual difference in the way I recognized my pure self. I’m gaining a more useful understanding of the difference between my “private alone self”, and my “public interacting self”. My goal continues to be, to distill them into a single “pure self”.

Reprogramming a nearly lifelong, right-brain subconscious approach to interactions with others, is a challenging yet fun pursuit. I am indebted to Alexandra for providing me with a tool that continues to assist me with this.

After a few weeks of this assistance from Alexandra’s remedy, I came up with a little reminder for myself: “Don’t present, BE present.” That sums it up quite simply.

…And like Leonardo di Vinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


The remedies that Alexandra creates are tailored to the individual. These remedies have assisted me in releasing on a cellular level the remaining memories and effects of the memories and the physical effects of extreme childhood abuse. The remedies are precious in these times of accelerated change and movement. I treasure the remedies. It’s like having Spirit in a bottle.

Thank you Alexandra


Dear Alexandra,
It’s time to reorder my personal essences.  However I have a question.  How many essences can you take at one time? Besides the personal essences, I am interested in ordering “Financial Alignment” and “Breaking the chains.”
Also I have my SA on Monday and my DNA on Monday.  What order should everything be taken in?
As for the personal essences, I was at 209.5 when I interviewed with you.  I am now at 203 for two weeks.  I am consistently getting 7 hours of sleep each night.  Only two nights did I get 8 hrs sleep.  However I wake up well rested.  I still have insomnia maybe once a week, so that has much improved as well. Still journaling and doing my contract revocations daily, and other energy work (as well as listening to lots of interviews on the internet!).
Look forward to hearing from you when you have the time.  I am looking forward to the SA/DNA !!!
Thanks for all your help.

“I was going to wait to tell you on the phone, but your essences are amazing! I am doing them 15 minutes apart, but my guidance says I can take them in as little as 5 min apart, because of my vibration.

I am doing these new very very strong energy blasts, [and taking the essences 3X a day…] very focused at 5 areas, God is guiding me where and flowing the energy. Ok so get this, the Untouchables, I swear to God, is turning me into the amazing colossal man. My astral body is growing up to 100 feet tall. It takes 5 minutes, and then I look down and see the tops of the houses. Dark entity Reptilians come in almost 24/7 and some were coming in last night when I was big, I could see them coming like black balls. I took my index finger and thumb, and flicked them away one at a time. I was even going PING PING off you go, bye bye see ya!!!”

I was actually thinking about you and your remedies this morning (coincidence?).  Anyway, it was really interesting.  I’ve had some developments in the last month around vitality and spiritual connection.  Though the vitality seemed to really improve after my Theta Healing session couple weeks ago.  However, correct me if I’m off, but I believe the vibrational frequency of the remedies can attract the things that I need to heal whatever it is I’m working on, not always just heal them directly, and from what I can see that’s exactly what happened!  I’ve also enrolled in a class to help me connect with the angels, which is going well so far.  I’m less frustrated and impatient with the process.

I will say too, that the spiritual connection remedy in particular I actually felt after each dose.  Whenever I took it, after a few minutes I felt the vibration usually coupled with some energy clearing/movement in my Nadi’s.



Alexandra –

“I just took four drops under the tongue and my first reaction was that this was an exquisite lightness – like an ethereal light of frequencies that are so high, they are off the charts.  Like they are angelic or something.  It was just exquisite.  I have never had that sensation when taking essences before.  I elicited a sigh and that is a really good sign for me.   I just took it and already I want to say thank you!  I am sure I will have more later.”


A quick update on how it’s going with the remedy.

From the first dose I took, my body responded with literal movement…intestinal…within the hour.
Since then, I can feel shifting at many levels soon after I take it.
The synchronicity of the name of the remedy…assimilating memories…has shown up on three other separate occasions within days of each other.  One in a reading; one during body work (crystal layout that I do on a monthly basis) and another via my inner voice.  It is time to fully remember who I AM and to let go of useless memories.  I am going through this without a doubt.  I feel good overall…of course I do have moments of turbulence but I’m managing to flow thru them more and more swiftly.  I attribute this to the combination of all the different types of work I do…including your remedies. It’s very important people understand that it is never just one thing that will “heal” us.  We must do work at all levels in order to truly evolve as Humans in a Spiritual Journey.  We must listen to our Body, Heart, the different voices of those split off aspects (lower ego), and most of all get to know and respect our Higher Voice.

I began taking Alexandra’s custom blended essences while she was finishing homeopathic school a number of years ago.

I have always tended to be a Type A personality and, in addition to the emotional discomfort that tends to engender, I also had some physical concomitants, specifically high blood pressure and a rapid heart rate.

Because the essences were custom blended for me and for where I was spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physical at the time of each bottle being made, I consistently found that they facilitated positive changes throughout each area of my being.  After only a short period, I began to integrate and function substantially better and the experience of each day being a struggle faded into obscurity.

I also had my original two cats on essences and found that this helped w/making them express more of who they actually were.

In the last year, I became involved with animal rescue, working with both special needs cats as well as with cats unfortunate to find themselves in one of SoCal’s highest kill shelters at the end of a rural road in a rough, unevolved area.  Because the shelter cats generally were either dumps euphemistically called “owner surrenders” or trapped by folks who didn’t want cats around, these kitties uniformly have many emotional issues in addition to often being physically ill and quite frightened.

I have had many cats on their own individual bottles for acute adjustment situations with uniformly excellent results.  In addition, Alexandra has made a Community Bottle to help the cats live comfortably and enjoyably with each other.

I have often said to Alexandra, that because of how she prepares and individualizes her bottles, their individualized focus is truly unique on the planet.


Jeff here. So glad you keep in touch, cuz I’m not so good at it.

Just to let you know, I’ve been taking the activator twice a day for three weeks now. The first day of taking it was truly cosmic. I felt so strange and multi-dimensional.  Forgetting some of the details at this point, but one thing I know it did do, was to open up a time-portal in my awareness. The sensation was a no-time/all-time sensation. Narcotics? Ha!  It was a wee-bit more than I bargained for.  I didn’t plan on continuing to take the activator if it were that intense. But thankfully it quickly integrated in to a continuum or flow that from then on I did not notice too much.

Of course with all of the energies, downloads, and changes happening at this time,  it can be hard to separate out what is what. In this current joy ride, my sense is that the activator worked like a lubricant, bringing ease and speed to my personal unfoldment.  Thanks Alexandra!

Hello, My Name is Philip

Maybe I should first provide you with a little background about me. I have a BA in Psychology… and over the last 35 years I’ve been exploring areas of health and “esoteric” arts/sciences; such as Astrology, yoga, body work, health, herbal & nutritional healing, Homeopathy, etc… I have developed my own style of massage and I have also studied subjects in the “Mystic Arts”, of Alchemy,  Kabala,  Merkaba, Gnosticism, Meditation, Hermetic Tradition, Chi Kung, Reiki,  Pranic Healing, “Energetic Healing”, “Quantum Healing”, and “Psychic Healing”, etc.

Alexandra asked me to give a review of my experience from using her “Quantum Alchemy” Formula entitled “Free To Be Me Activator.”

Let me preface this to say that: I have only known Alexandra for just a few weeks.

I met her at “The Alchemy Event” (Expo), which she had a booth.  She asked me to hold a bottle of her “Free To Be Me Activator” Formula, and asked: “What do you feel with this?”

I’m not usually much of a “psychic/intuitive sensitive” with things like this… but at times, my “channels are more open”, and I can “sense” things. Well, I guess this was one of those moments… for instantly I sensed a powerful “energetic field” emanating from her bottle!

She asked if I could notice any specific function or “intentions” from the formula”?… I said: “It feels like an ‘Etheric All In ONE Formula’ ”… like it is taking many different aspects of energy, perspectives, thoughts, feelings, manifestations, expressions… from different perspectives and dimensions, and integrating them to work in ‘concert’ together!”

Well, I was surprised with kind of feeling, and language that had come out of me.  I “have had some experience” with technologies like Alexandra’s before… HOWEVER! in my (many) years of experience, I have never found a formula which I could “feel” so clearly and POWERFULLY as hers… nor with any of them had I a “sense” that they were marrying multifaceted  (and/or “Multi-Dimensional?”) aspects!

Alexandra was a bit taken back, as well… for she said: “WOW!… that has been my goal, which I have been intending to create with this formula!… but I never had anyone put is so succinctly!”… Thank you for helping me to see what my formula really can be (or do!)”

I traded her a sample massage for a bottle of her “Free To Be Me Activator” Formula, and have been taking it for about two weeks.

I have been exceedingly impressed with its effects, and how soon I could notice them!  It quickly gave me a unique feeling of “a new opening” and “clearing”… like having a new plane of alternative perception being made available to me!!?? I was astonished, to say the least. There is now a “Multifaceted Crack” in my perception!… which has been opened up to me!       It is a very wonderful and inspiring feeling.

I call it “Opening The Gates and Marrying the Wisdoms!”

I am continuing to use her formula, and look forward to using her “level two” formula, which she designs specifically for each individual!

She says it is designed to assist us in “rooting out” and “bringing to light” our old deep seated “conflicts” in our inner psyche… and “past genetic programming!?”…  (P H E W ! ! !)

I am really curious what that may be like?… even though I know that “deep inner work” is often not “comfortable”… BUT I also know it is what is necessary to really grow… and overcome our past blocks to our fulfillment and to our true profound authentic Spiritual/self realization… and the genuine precious joy which is so indispensable in our lives!

So…   If anyone can “put that in bottle”?!… then that is truly magic {Alchemy!}

 Yours, Sincerely,


I met Alexandra a few years ago by accident. Right. No ‘accident’ there. I met her at a meeting introducing Koren Hand

Road to ImprovementAcupuncture. It was one of my worst health days, I really and truly didn’t feel like going to the meeting, but found myself there in spite of how I felt. I am so glad I went, my life changed for the positive from that moment on.

When I first met Alexandra she was contemplating where she wanted to go with her life and learning. She expressed to me that she was surrounded by healers but didn’t feel like one herself. I am grateful that she truly didn’t take that idea of herself to heart.  She has allowed the master healer in herself to come out and be known and do the great work she is doing.

I am not the same person I was when Alexandra first met me. I was unwell, broken, and unfocused. Through her remedies,  I have simply become lighter in being, more grounded, more whole. I can honestly say that I no longer feel I need ‘a healing’.  Those days of desperation, searching for a healing are over. Sure, I need adjustment and fine-tunings, this is the nature of being and growing and expanding.  I am no longer ‘broken’ and only continue to expand my being and consciousness, thanks to her personalized remedies.

I truly love this woman and have much admiration and respect for the master healing work she is providing. We are so lucky to have her with us on this planet at this time.


As someone who has had the fortune to work with flower essences for over 25 years, and appreciate fully their ‘magical’ benefits both for myself and clients, I’d really like to commend you on the work you are doing with your inspired homeopathic and flower essence blends.
The intuitive input, depth of insight, and their work on many levels set your remedies apart from any others. They feel really alchemical in nature, as they effectively raise you gently in vibration to a new level of awareness. Thank you so much for your work, dedication and perseverance in doing the research and practice in putting together these mini ‘masterpieces’.
Bella, BFRP

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner

Alexandra has been working with me for over a year. She’s one of the best intuitives I know, and is really spot on.
She’s helped my sinus allergies go away, and has also helped me cope with moving across the country, which can be really stressful.  From taking her remedies, I can really see a shift in my stress/emotional levels.  She’s able to see you where you are and gives you the right remedies in order to take you to the next level in healing your mind, body and soul.

San Francisco

I have used Alexandra`s essences and oils over the last couple of years, however not on as consistent as I should have. I first stared using them to help with prostate challenges with the combinations of energy healing technologies she was also integrating. There was a huge difference in my prostate challenges and recently I have also used the essence on different areas of my body, like on my throat and neck areas, when I would have a sore throat or cough starting up and this has helped minimize the symptoms.

I have always struggled with finances and it is because I know the lie behind it, playing in this Game of Life we all know it makes it easier when there is sufficient income to meet the needs for paying the bills and feeding the family.

The most recent formula was created to shift my energies into creating the income to accomplish meeting the needs. This time of year is usually a real struggle for my business and it has been just the opposite. Using the essence with a real focus on intention is what is working for me.  I will continue to be consistent and have intention as I work on other challenges I am entangled in and created in this Game of Life.  When I command my intention is when I see the results extremely fast.

Thank you for all you are doing,


Truth Writer, Seeking Truth