And again, thank you Patrick.

More drama!  Can you STAND it?!

NASA supposedly has a major announcement to make that was originally slated to release on November 13th, but for some (convenient) reason has been moved up to October 6th.

Does that smack of manipulation and pre-conceived plans to you? I see red flags…

…but will it be bad news? Not necessarily. The Light Forces are working their magic behind the scenes and at some point many of the bad guys are seeing the Light and ceasing to support the cabal and their peons and switching sides.

On the other hand, it could be a grand plan for fear-mongering and a huge distraction from the end of the cabal’s reign of tyranny—which they steadfastly and stupidly refuse to acknowledge.
What could NASA (Never-a-Straight-Answer) possibly share that we don’t already know here in the Truth community?

Probably little to nothing. But what could they share that would rattle the foundations of the mass reality paradigm of the planet? That is the question.

One for the history books? Which ones—their books of lies, or Humanity’s new history books that reflect the truth?

Personally, I suspect it could be a distraction. The next false flag in a new suit… a disguise… a costume. Hallowe’en is coming, right? The ghouls will be out in fine form, no doubt, casting spells on Humanity and feeding the religious zealots all the ammunition they need to unreservedly affirm that the apocolypse is nigh. See? We told you so. The BIBLE told us so!

This is all conjecture on my part, but my friends, it comes from much research and observation of not only The Illuminati Plan, but human nature. I’ve stepped in many traps myself but I am also able to step outside myself and observe my actions and reactions and I learn from it.

However, if this ‘historic discovery’ they claim to have made (probably 15 years ago but kept it hidden from us) and to be released to the media is actually good news, wonderful. We could sure use some.

I suspect though, that if they are going to release something to the media at this point—when the cabal has not relinquished its control—that it will not be in the best interests of Humanity. It would more likely be a tool they’ve had in their toolbox for just such an occasion—an act of desperation because the cabal is nothing if not desperate right now and their fear is growing.

I’m not expecting any wondrous news out of the lamestream media until after the mass arrests. Did something happen overnight I’m not yet aware of? I thought not.

Our job, if nothing else, is to stay on keel; to remain firmly grounded in the knowing that all is progressing as best it can; that we are protected to a great degree from natural disasters, that we are being watched from on high (higher dimensions) by untold millions of sentient beings; that we are loved beyond measure, and they are, in essence, the troops supporting us in this, our mission to finally win the millennia-long war of the dark against the Light.

We are the warriors. We are doing what no one else in the Universe CAN do.  Archangel Michael’s sword of truth is glinting fiercely. The higher realms are cheering us on and doing what they can to ensure our speedy victory, because when we are successful in banishing the dark for good, the ripple effect will resonate throughout the cosmoses. Nothing in creation will remain unchanged. This is a widespread energetic upgrade that’s unfolding.

It IS unfortunate that the dark has been allowed to remain in power for decades longer than they might have, but it is what it is. We are here NOW, and that is the deck, and the card that has been dealt. NOW is all that matters.

There is no room for fear, dread and hopelessness. There are many who drench the online Truth community with all manner of tales of woe and suffering. Danger Will Robinson! Beware! All life on Earth will cease to exist after January 2014. Blah, blah, blah.

NASA’s own cameras reveal that Comet Ison—if it is indeed Comet Ison—is in tow behind a gigantic ET craft and two escorts. Nothing can harm us on the grand scale. Victory is the only option.

All we can do is our best, and we will win this war very soon. We must remain calm and balanced and that demeanor will affect the energy of the sleeping masses. Power struggles aren’t only occurring between the cabal and the Resistance Movement: they are also erupting among the cabal factions and even within the Light forces on the planet because we are Human, with tremendous hearts and our larger-than-life emotions get in the way sometimes.

Whatever NASA has to share need not rock our world. There is enough drama already. We may end up laughing at them. If it’s good news, great, but I plan to enjoy the ride no matter what. It’s all part of our experience, which is the initial purpose of our incarnation.

See the web site here advising the announcement scheduled.  

And I have to ask… whose web site is this, anyway? There’s no “about” or anything to lend credibility to this. Sign up? I don’t think so. I’ll wait.