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Electron Beam Writer Enables Microfabrication
The new electron beam writer housed in the cleanroom facility at the Qualcomm Institute, at the University of California San Diego, is important for two major areas of research by Shadi Dayeh, PhD, an electrical and computer engineering professor. He is developing next-generation, nanoscale transistors for integrated electronics. At the same time, he is working to develop neural probes that can extract electrical signals from brain cells and transmit the information to a prosthetic device or computer. To achieve this level of signal extraction or manipulation requires tiny sensors spaced very closely together for the highest resolution and signal acquisition.Click here for the full story.

White Paper Spotlight: Primer on Laser Micromachining of Polymer-Based Life Science Products

The process of developing new life science products is rife with roadblocks; design engineers often find issues that compromise the ability to prototype and ultimately manufacture a device. One of the challenges is to clearly understand all the different fabrication options before the idea hits the CAD screen so that the proper approach can be selected. Once the prototype design has been validated, it can be too expensive or time-consuming to find an alternative process for manufacturing. Laser micromachining is one tool in the designer’s toolbox. This paper will focus on a challenging niche that is growing in importance: the laser micromachining of polymer-based life science devices and diagnostic consumables where the feature sizes and tolerances range from 1 micrometer to 1 mm and the machining depth does not exceed 1 mm.

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