by Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media

NASA has found a secret underground subway system indicating Martians have been trying to hide their anthropogenic induced pollution causing an unexpected warming of Mars. Silly, isn’t it….



Observations of wind patterns and natural solar radiationpatterns on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover are helping scientists better understand the environment on the Red Planet’s surface. The daily cycle of higher and lower atmospheric pressure results from daytime heating of the atmosphere by the Sun.



Effects of that atmospheric tide show up in data from Curiosity’s Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD). This instrument monitors high-energy solar radiation considered to be a health risk to astronauts and a factor in whether microbes could survive on Mars’ surface. “We see a definite pattern related to the daily thermal tides of the atmosphere,”said RAD Principal Investigator Don Hassler of the Southwest Research Institute Boulder, Colo., branch.




Hassler goes on to say: “The atmosphere provides a level of shielding, and so charged-particles are less when the atmosphere is thicker. Overall, Mars’ atmosphere reduces the radiation dose compared to what we saw during the flight to Mars.”