National Space Defense Center Goes Operational, 2066

Feb 19, 2018

Good evening, I’m still reporting on: National Space Defense Center Goes Operational, 2066 Synopsis: Deep within the massive Schriever Air Force Base near Colorado Springs, CO, The National Space Defense Center is finally gone operational. Their mission? To keep American military and spy satellites safe while in orbit. Vice President Mike Pence was photographed in the ultra-secret center which surveils space around planet Earth 24 hours a day with a staff of 230. The Center’s Director, Col. Todd Brost, told a Colorado Springs newspaper, The Gazette: “This is not an Air Force unit. It’s not really even a Department of Defense unit.” However, he did not say exactly to whom or what the unit belonged. Our best guess is it is a super-secret unit of the US Space Command – and ownership falls somewhere between the intelligence community and DOD. “Now, you have an intelligence person sitting next to an (satellite) operator. That partnership with the intelligence community is crucial,” said Col. Brost. The center started spinning up in late 2015 as increasing threats arose from China, N. Korea, and Iran against the massive American space presence. So secretive is the new unit, that airmen have long called it “Area 52”.