April 11, 2014 , 15:14 ( MSK ) | Politics | ITAR-TASS
Defence Ministry: NATO statement on Russian military equipment on the border with Ukraine ” extravagant ”
recounted_forweb3MOSCOW , April 11. / ITAR-TASS / . Foreign inspectors repeatedly flew over the border areas of Russia and Ukraine and could make sure that there is no concentration of Russian military equipment in the border areas with Ukraine not. So the Defense Ministry source said Itar-Tass accommodation Allied Commander of NATO in Europe Philip Bridlavom on his page on the social network images showing Russian military hardware .

“During March and April 2014 in the framework of the Open Skies Treaty foreign inspectors made ​​several flights over the border areas . In addition, representatives of Ukraine not only overflew but passed along a desired route by car , visiting a number of formations and units that were scheduled for field training , “- said the agency interlocutor.

He stressed that the results of these trips held a briefing for journalists , during which the head of the observation mission , ” stated bluntly that no undeclared military activities in the border areas of Ukraine no.”

“In the Russian Defense Ministry was not a surprise as extravagant Initiative Headquarters Allied Powers Europe in the absence of any formal requests to the Russian side with the Alliance about this ” photo shoot . ” If such pictures with such conclusions NATO intelligence specialists in space were sent to the Russian Defense Ministry official channels , such treatment would cause our military not only surprise , but perplexity . We must remember that even non- army people understand something in the military and , especially in matters of space monitoring . Today schoolboy knows that the satellite can see the number of the car , and not something that “suddenly” see 40000th grouping of troops ” in the bush ” , “- said a source in the Defense Ministry .

Now NATO trying to justify any means necessary to increase their expenses and extra groups in the eastern part of Europe , he added.

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