Naughty Beaver’s Guide To The Age Of Ascension.

Jul 14, 2018

So many things happening in the world right now. People are being torn in many directions. In the show I go over some of my personal thoughts of the challenges facing humanity during the age of ascension. I look at the deeper meaning of many of the crop circles around us and explore the return of Satan and it’s significance in the crop circles themselves. As well, discussing the Schumann Resonance and it’s tie the the seven levels of heaven. I also discuss the meaning of several of the Nostradamus prophecies that have not yet come to pass and review several images from the Lost Nostradamus Manuscript, that may hold the keys to helping humanity make the through the tough times ahead. Great food for thought! I hope you enjoy the show. Naughty Beaver. If you enjoy the work that I do and would like to support the little beaver’s channel: or It is greatly appreciated!