Friday, September 20, 2013 19:33

(Before It’s News)

The majority of elite police in WASH-DC have a #1 mission, and that is to protect judges and congressman. They have no responsibility to protect civilians or citizens of the USA.

The navy yard shooting was a test. The super secret elite Capitol-Police Swat Team was just outside the Navy Yard when the call went out, and they were in front of the gate’s in 30 seconds, they called OBAMA and asked for permission to go in and help fellow soliders, as all these elite teams are ex-navy seals and such, and they wanted to protect their friends inside.

They were told a BIG NO, that they’re NOT allowed to deviate from mission. Now the shit will soon hit the fan, if the elite sniper HRT ( hostage rescue teams) are running around taking care of people who aren’t congressman or judges, then who will take care of the ELITE Politicians? Nobody, so this test was to make sure that SWAT-TEAMS would stay on PROTOCOL, and they did.

The teams let fellow soldiers inside die, and they followed the orders that came down from Obama ‘STAND DOWN”, just like Benghazi “STAND DOWN”.

So they planted an AR-15.You also follow the story about the rent-a-cop that died? His gun this gun in question, all the solider’s were yelling at him to shoot&kill the shooter but the rent-a-cop didn’t even remove his gun, he was told ahead of time that it was a drill of some sorts, but then the ‘shooter’ kills this rent-a-cop, and takes his gun.

Yes, no doubt the AR-15 was a plant.

The worst part of the story is the Capitol-Police swat team was next door, and they were at the gates in 30 seconds from first call. They were denied entry, and everybody had to wait for Metro Police, who are cowards and fools, and then went in and got killed.

Who the fucking hell put out the call that the first-responders “Capitol-Police Swat Team” were denied entry? Obama.

This entire charade was designed, and that’s completely obvious.

Real people died, and there is no doubt that the ‘shooter’ was a ‘manchurian candidate’. That has also been proven, as he went everywhere asking for help about hearing voices, and nobody helped him.

Boston Bombing, Shooter may have been a NAVY INTEL agent present at Boston False Flag OP


Yes, that does look like him, but given that 99% on BIN is bullshit, its most likely someone just cropped his photo in,…It would be useful to know how he got that award of valor from the navy for counter-terrorism, I have tried to find many times about how he got the award and can’t find anything.

I can tell you all that for 20+ years the NAVY has been running guys like him on the street using the DRUG-NEXUS like WACO, so he most likely was a deep agent, which explains why he moved so much, and also why he KEPT a secret clearance, even while discharging a firearm in public twice, … I mean if me or you would have done that it would have been game-over.

So he had someone high up take care, which means CIA,

He got an award for doing some bad ass shit, but we can’t find a clue why he got the award, which is typical for covert op.

I agree, it appears that this thing may have been a setup to make it look like him to get him out.

Still troubling that OBAMA didn’t let the capitol police swat go in the first 30 seconds, they obviously didn’t want PRO’s on the inside of the OP.