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Subject: [TimeStar] Nazis, UFOs, and Antarctica

Much of what’s presented in this clip is well documented. Wendelle Stevens
and others have done a lot of research (with interviews) on these missions.
Wendelle was a pilot in three different air forces and spoke to former Nazi
pilots he flew with in South America who tested the Nazi flying discs.
Admiral Byrd really did go to the Antarctic in 1947 and mysteriously
terminated his mission after only two months.

I cited the account of a German family who life-long UFO contact with

Aldebaran, and reported they had genetically developed the German race going
back 780,000 years. Aldebaran has been one of the Big Three genetic
developers on Earth. Wendelle cited the German book about the Feistle
family, and I tracked it down to verify its content.

Flying discs were developed after World War I when many were out of work.
Unemployed scientists would gather at the Berlin and spent their days
gathering data and theorizing. They found a psychic medium who began
obtaining information from the off-world source of Aldebaran. The
information was given to her in an ancient language, which they later
learned was as form of Sumerian, and had it translated.

Wendelle found a book in a library in South America that listed the psychic,
Maria Orsic, in the Vril Society. Maria Orsic and the German scientists
were conscripted into the SS in 1938-39 when Hitler took control of their
flying disc project.

The structural outline of the Nazi flying disc project has been researched
at length. The details like how many flying disc were in the air in the
Antarctic is speculative, but it is a fact that Admiral Byrd’s expedition
took a beating of some kind. The Nazis really did make numerous trips to
the Antarctic during World War II. And many former Nazis ended up in South
America, where they put books about their societies and history into



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