The Catholic Church is Run by A Satanic Cult/Coven – New Video

kevin annettKevin Annett — Evidence Ratzinger is acting Pope; “Pope” Francis is PR front; Pope & Cardinals are a Satanic Coven;
News about the upcoming trial;

The Holy Alliance – the Vatican ‘black ops’ group is already in Brussels to disrupt the opening of the court;

New detailed interview with Kevin by Alfred Weber Lambremont

From this video discussion;
§ How do People Help?
Kevin: “We need to see that ground swell movement. We need people refusing to go to Catholic Churches. Things like this are starting to happen.

§ In one small Catholic Church a priest walked out of the church after announcing that he had just received a note from one of his parishioners that pope Francis was the antichrist and he could just not take it any longer and just left the church.

§ Just today the Justice Minister in Scotland – re a referendum on Scottish Independence coming up – said “it’s up to the people if they want to sever ties or not with the Monarchy.”

§ Re pope Francis; No Pope in history has been allowed to live in a convent in Rome and walk around Rome without any security. Also he does not wear the Papal ring always worn by the Pope. The real pope is hiding in the Vatican and they are denying many of the statements made by pope Francis.

§ The Catholic Church is in fact a Satanic Cult not the Church of Christ.

§ Obama is on Monday March 24th on his way to Belgium to gain support regarding the Ukraine Russia dynamic. Kevin says this is a response/reaction to the prosecutions coming up.

§ An English Judge who is official representative for the Queen of England has openly declared that sexual relationships with 4 year old children are acceptable.

§ Listen to Kevin talking about the official visit of Obama to Rome in the coming week and discussing some of the news recently published by Benjamin Fulford on worldwide events – which I will be getting back to later this week.

§ How can we as listeners follow the details of the trial?
Because of security reasons the opening session is going to be crowded. A group has been dispatched from the Vatican to Brussels to try to disrupt the opening of the court through bribery, attacks etc. and this is coordinated through a group called the ‘Holy Alliance’. They are the Vatican ‘black ops’ department which has been in operation since the 1500’s. They were probably responsible for the assassination of Pope John Paul the 1st. The public administration office of the Tribunal will be providing information about what is occurring during the trial with regular press releases so people can keep abreast of things.

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What is the International Common Law Court of Justice?

The International Common Law Court of Justice is proceeding with other cases during 2014 and beyond.

To contact the Court write to: , attn: Mr. George Dufort, LL.B.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 25/03/2014

Posted 25/03/2014 at 1042 AM

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