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Eric-NeomorWithout challenge, there is no opportunity to succeed.

Why do people choose to climb mountains? Why do people choose to do crossword puzzles? Why do people choose to lift weights? They are choosing to be challenged. We obviously like challenge.

We frequently choose difficulties in pursuit of feelings of achievement. There is no sense of accomplishment without first facing challenge.

On a non-physical level, why would our existence in this Earthly realm be any different? I propose that it isn’t at all different. Furthermore, I propose that we chose different challenges for ourselves individually. And that we are uniquely and appropriately equipped for them. Whatever they may be for each of us. This seems to me to be why our culture attempts to impose a fear of uniqueness. Conformity is king in the Western world. Delicious difficulty.

For myself, I do not prefer the term “Lightworker”. However I do like the term “instigator”. I got that from a 1969 song called “Something In the Air” by an act called Thunderclap Newman. Thunderclap – New Man. Yeah buddy!

The song starts out:
“Call out the instigators, because there’s something in the air.”
“We’ve got to get together sooner or later, because the revolution’s here”

I had heard the song many times before, and the melody always had a mystical quality to me that I couldn’t put my finger on. Even though it was just a pop song from my childhood. A few months ago I really listened to the lyrics. And -=<BAM>=- it made total sense. I had always liked the melody, and understood the words, yet never thoroughly LISTENED to what was being said.

The lyrics continue:

“And you know it’s right… And you know that it’s right.”

In that moment, Oh yes! I do know that it’s right! It was like the lyrics were talking to me personally. I realized what my specific challenge was. To instigate. In all manner of interactions, and with various “skill levels”. The fun thing about this recognition, is that I had already been “instigating” for years without knowing what to call it. And I have been refining my instigating techniques the whole time. Addressing my apparent challenge as well as I could. I’ve learned that aggressive attempts to convince, do not work. Gentle instigation does work. Allowing/Encouraging others to solve, instead of imposing my solutions/conclusions on them.

Tom Petty “fileted” the lyrics in a remake some years ago, and left out the violent sounding third verse lyrics. Which needed to be done. I prefer Tom’s version because of that. He repeats the “instigator” first verse where the original third verse had been. All the better.

So that’s a little chunk of my story. What about your story?

I have to believe that you selected a challenge also, and that it is not necessarily the same exact challenge that I am engaging. Nor what I am specifically equipped for. Which is as it should be. I also must conclude that you are equally equipped for your challenge. And that we all chose to work together on this “project” called Earth, with our unique blends of strengths/tools.

What I feel is important; is to recognize that our own personal challenges were to some degree, chosen. And that our individual strengths are part of the “package deal”.

When a mountain climber scales a mountain, does he get angry at the mountain that he chose to climb when it becomes difficult? He chose the challenge. The mountain just stands there unemotional and unattached to the climber. Any level of taunting that the climber may have felt from the mountain, was entirely an emotional response from the climber. The mountain didn’t challenge the climber. The mountain couldn’t give a shit. It was entirely the climber’s free will choice to experience the  sense of accomplishment upon completion. Each chooses.

This is how I view “the cabal”. The unholy construct that we face, provides us with the challenge that we chose, on our path to achievement. Getting angry at a crossword puzzle author, wastes time and energy that could be better spent on solving the puzzle. When one is motivated to solve it.

I Love chemtrails now, because they are a visual reminder that I am not imagining this stuff. There is indeed some secretive intent going on over my head. I am grateful for chemtrails because they are something tangible/visible. Whatever they might be. Unfortunately they are rare now. They’re almost non existent now that I enjoy seeing them. Imagine that.

I guess what I’m saying is: Make the best use of your time and energy. Yelling angrily at the mountain, and giving it “the finger” will not get us all to the top. Recognizing our individual challenges and appropriate strengths, and then implementing logical and effective strategies will. Love is the only logical and practical strategy for the “service to others” crowd, that I’ve identified thus far. And I “know that it’s right…”

Choose Love Always,