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Richard the Lionheart’s bloodline had been traced by historian Ralph Di Ciento.. He linked Richard’s bloodline all the way back to Noah and Woden.  In Genesis,Noah built an ark and survives the great flood that occurred after the Nephilim fallen angels from the heavens took the daughters of Eve for wives. Giants were said to be their off spring. The Angevin legend talked of a strange bloodline. Richard was part of the Angevin family.


King Richard was a giant among men of his time for he was six foot five inches scholars have reported. His height can be seen at his effigy at Fontevraud  Abbey. His gravesite has the Seal of Solomon all over his grave. The Seal of Solomon is called the Star of David. The giants survived the flood for we seen later in the Bible the story of David and Goliath.  Richard’s death could be a replay from that story for a young boy is said to have slain King Richard the giant.


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Richard’s mother Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine believed in the tale of King Arthur. At Glastonbury legend goes that King Arthur’s grave was found and he was a giant. Tales of the Giants of Albion lived on the island of England.


“According to the 12th century Historia Regum Britanniae (“The History of The Kings of Britain”) by Geoffrey of Monmouth, the exiled Brutus of Troy was told by the goddess Diana;

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