phoenixBy José Luis Stevens

By now all of you must be well aware of the ending of the Mayan long count Calendar on the Solstice, December 21, 2012 and all the hoopla that surrounds it. Shamanically speaking, according to the Mayans it is not the end of the world, just the end of an era, a shift from the fourth sun to the fifth sun, a chance to dream a brand new dream, to dream the dream we have all been dreaming of. So ignore the hype, the end of the world parties, the bandwagon that so many commercial interests are riding for some extra cash, and become quiet and go inward. What do you want for the future of the planet? What do you want for your own personal interests and well being in these coming times? The Mayans say we have a window, a doorway to walk through, an opportunity to shift the paradigm that runs our experience of this world. If we dream together a future world of loving kindness and compassion, this is what we will have. It will take a little time however. Few things happen in the blink of an eye. It is not as if we will wake up in the morning and a new world will already be in place. What will be in place will be a new frequency, a new potential, a new choice, and that is what we can build on to create something fresh, something beautiful, and something worth living for. Let us take a quick review of what the Mayan elders say has lead us to this juncture in order to understand better what this opportunity involves.

Again, according to the Mayan tradition there have been four suns since the arrival of human beings on the planet. These suns have presided over different eras, different aspects in the evolution of human beings. Each sun has ended with massive changes, some would say even catastrophic changes like pole shifts, and a new sun has taken the place of the old one to light our way. Because of their amazing powers of mathematics, the Mayans were experts at understanding cycles and able to predict the ending of the fourth sun and the beginning of the fifth sun. That date is thought to be the upcoming solstice. Indeed, according to scientists, the sun is going through rather massive changes as we speak. Its corona has been growing rapidly, and there are other changes in its electromagnetic field, temperature and so on.

Now it is important to know that the Mayans used metaphor, symbols, and poetic language in the course of their writings and glyphs. For them, a new sun referred to a phase change, not necessarily the sun vanishing from the sky and being replaced by a new one. What they were actually referring to with the shift from one sun to another was a change of frequency so that new creations become possible within the context of the new vibration being offered. Things related to the old frequency would no longer be able to persist and whole empires and ways of life would go by the wayside. In a way this is what history has always been about with some times being associated with the beginning and the ending of cycles and extraordinary changes.

For a very long time there have been inequities, revolutions, and renaissances that have changed the way we live. In a way, the Mayans have always been pointing out the obvious once we understand it. They say, don’t get too comfortable, don’t get too attached, objects in the material world do not persist and inevitably there will be radical changes. Don’t forget. But don’t despair either, because you can always re-dream your world with every new sun. So, they warned us with their prophecies as so have many indigenous people have done all over the world. They are simply saying, get ready for change and get it right this time.

The Mayans used many calendars (17 in all) and some described very long cycles of billions of years and some described relatively short cycles called katuns made up of 19.7 year cycles. These katun cycles played out endlessly and do not come to end just because the long count calendar is starting over. The next three katuns starting with the solstice and continuing until approximately 2071 tell the tale of what we are faced with. In a nutshell, the katun from 2012 to 2032 is about the challenges of inequality as it exists in many forms in the world today. We are called upon to face up to these polarities and resolve them with entirely new systems. The next katun from 2032 to roughly 2052 is about revolution and radical change. While most revolutions the world has seen have been bloody there is nothing that says it must be so. We always have the choice to have a revolution, a paradigm shift that is not bloody, changes that are embraced rather than resisted. The third katun takes us from 2052 to approximately 2071 or 72. This is the predicted time of major renaissance. A mere sixty years separates us from an absolutely brand new world that will be of our liking, in the blink of an eye.

The Nature Of The Challenges

The challenges of going through such radical change in such a short period of time are similar to the challenges we have faced over and over in the relatively short history of the human race. The first and foremost challenge is eliminating the fear, terror, panic, and paralyzing anxiety that leads to people feeling hopeless and in some cases the experience of soul loss. Fear usually leads to such maladaptive behaviors as anger, defensiveness, poor judgment, blame, attack, withdrawal, selfishness, resistance, cowardice, guilt, shame, and the whole host of human ills we have become too used to. These reactions have recreated human suffering over and over again and will again if we do not face them head on. Mostly, these fears center around two things, fear of being abandoned, and fear of being trapped by the events of the future. This is what causes people to stockpile guns and food in hopes they will survive the changes against all odds.

Because amplitude is going up rapidly, the body feels fearful that it will not survive what is happening and the false personality begins to imagine all kinds of bad scenarios that call for some kind of defense against an onslaught. The youngest souls who have always been the most fearful in their response to the world have a tendency to attack when they feel most threatened. These infant souls are rather easy to spot once you know what to look for. They do not have a developed conscience. They have no interior life. They are socially awkward and withdraw in the face of complex social relationships. They have no developed spiritual life, fixate on technology, and are often quite intelligent, just not wise. They have no values whatsoever other than personal survival and that is somewhat tenuous given their propensity to destroy themselves after killing others. In a word, they do not know how to relate and they have become disconnected or separated. When their anxiety reaches a breaking point, they attack indiscriminately and it is not unusual for them to target children because they themselves are children emotionally. In a manner of speaking, their response is not their exclusive fault because they have not been properly supervised by the culture they live in. Guns in their hands are extremely dangerous. This is no mystery and it is the most obvious thing imaginable.

Another challenge that must be faced by everyone, is the recapitulation that automatically takes place as the amplitude goes up on the planet. Every bit of unfinished business in the psyche tends to become activated causing people to review their fears, their old habits and patterns, guilt, shame, and doubt. This is a highly uncomfortable process and may cause some people to feel as if they are getting worse instead of better. It is very much like the discomfort one goes through during the initial stages of a several day fast. Detoxification is often unpleasant but necessary to purify and become free of toxins.

What We Can Do

Every human being has breaking points due to stress and anxiety but the older the soul the more remote the breaking point. Step one is reducing the chance we will arrive at our breaking points. Remember that the breaking point is a response to fear. So, what is the antidote for the intense fears we are faced with in this time of huge change? Because fear comes from a feeling of separation or disconnection it is vital that we reconnect ourselves at a fundamental level. First of all, we can reconnect with nature, our temporary but powerful mother who sustains us and supports us unconditionally. Shamanically speaking, nature is our connection with spirit and the spirit world. When we are connected again we feel safer. We can also reconnect with one another through new models of community interdependence and understanding. This could become a priority. The key word here is connect.

The next thing we can do is to adopt a model of reality that makes sense, a philosophy that helps us explain ourselves to ourselves. The model of reality that we have been living with for hundreds of years is a catastrophe. Here is the nature of the problem: Create a philosophy of life that disconnects us from nature, from spirit, and from one another. Create a philosophy that makes it almost impossible to explain our experience in a meaningful way. Eliminate the concepts of consciousness, interdependence, love, forgiveness, sharing, reincarnation, and so on so that literally nothing can be understood or explained. Teach that the great wise teachers of the past have nothing to offer us today. Then become mystified as people begin to irrationally murder each other and commit acts of terrorism. Be mystified as the weather becomes extreme and changes begin to occur in the natural environment all over the planet and the solar system. Be mystified as to why traditional religions do not seem to provide answers for everyone in a meaningful way. Fail to connect the simple lines of dots leading to understanding.

The antidote is to remember how we used to connect the dots when we were more connected and to use our creativity to connect them with our new experience in mind. We cannot simply recreate the past for our answers. We need to create a new shamanic paradigm that takes us to places in our consciousness that we have never been to before. This new paradigm should be firmly based on the foundation of what has always been based in truth.

Who Can Help Us

This brings us to looking for role models that can help us bridge from the old to the new. In every phase of our history there have been extraordinary men and women who have acted as midwives of change, knowledgeable people who have emerged to support their communities in what have often been terrifying circumstances. These have been the shamans of the world who always reminded the people to call upon the spirit world to help them through the upheaval. These shamans have always appeared in many guises and forms and have not always been called shamans within the context of their own cultures. Even today, many would deny that great teachers such as the Buddha, Jesus, Quan Yin, and Krishna were trained shamans, yet there is ample historical evidence that they were. Although these teachers represented various cultures and times, they all taught very similar approaches to solve the problems of the day. Here are just a few:

Be present. All answers are available right here, right now.

Accept what is coming down. Do not resist what is so. Simply focus on what you want to create.

Walk the path with heart and meaning. Open the heart to love.

Appearances may create illusions. Do not accept appearances. Look within for answers.

Erase personal history. Detach from false personality or ego. Let go of fear.

Remain still.

Forgive the past. Forgive the present. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. In this way become neutral and free.

Realize that the material world is an echo chamber, a hall of mirrors. See yourself in others.

Use your words carefully and creatively.

Keep a don’t know mind. Know that you do not know.

Learn to manipulate energy with intention, words, and gesture.

Be a walking blessing.

Not all of our shamanic teachers are from the past. Some are from the present and some are from the future. They teach in unconventional ways. They may teach us in our dream states and subconsciously. They have no need for great fame or recognition so they may fly under the radar. Some of them are more powerful than any teachers we may ever know. Some of them are undoubtedly us from the future. They are helping us. With such help, how can we fail?

The Winter Solstice

Not all Mayans agree on the events surrounding the winter solstice 2012. Let me present one short view of what will transpire, one that to me makes sense. The solstice is actually a three-day event beginning with the early morning solstice. At exactly the midpoint of these three days there will be a brief eight-minute period when a beam of powerful energy and light is directed at the earth from the center of the galaxy. This will occur just as the planet crosses over the equator of the galaxy. Keep in mind that not only is the galaxy a sphere that is rotating but that its arms are rotating up and down as well causing our solar system to periodically cross over the equator on its way up and on its way down. Whenever the earth crosses this equator it meets with the beam of energy that then charges the energy field of the planet causing it to rise in amplitude setting off far reaching changes and rapid evolutionary processes. So powerful is this event that the human race will likely be radically shifted just as it was fifty thousand years ago when our intelligence took a quantum leap.

Mayans and other cultures have been preparing for this event for thousands of years by building pyramids that they hoped would be able to receive the eight minute charge and amplify it over a much longer period of time so that it could be even more revolutionary in its positive influences. Those who are more advanced and ready will be in a position to take advantage of this event. Many who are not as advanced or who are not ready may not experience anything but will be the recipients of its benefits over time anyway. Those who know what they want will carry the day by having their dream amplified. Those who are fearful and are in resistance to change will experience the consequences of their resistance, a process that may be very uncomfortable. In the end they will be fine.

May your solstice be extraordinary in a beautiful way.

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