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For decades, American intelligence agencies have engaged in countless crimes:

  • Giving people drugs against their will (CIA Operation Midnight Climax)
  • Torture (CIA Project Artichoke, Abu Ghraib)
  • Illegally spying on American Citizens (NSA)
  • False Flag Terrorism (Gulf of Tonkin Incident, Operation Northwoods)
  • Hacking into the electronics of Americans not even suspected of a crime (CIA, exposed by Vault 7)

Elsewhere on this site, you will find exposes detailing these crimes against humanity. The purpose of this article is not to further detail their crimes. The American people know this is unacceptable, and demand change. The purpose of this article is to articulate an alternative that will keep us safe from our own government and from foreign enemies.


The intelligence agencies have a strong culture of secrecy and information hiding, even from their own people. They don’t teach their operatives how to do their job effectively, and they don’t share information that would be important to “see the big picture.” This consistently results in a “failure to connect the dots” that endangers us.

As a result of this culture of secrecy, they consistently fail at almost everything they do. They planned the Bay of Pigs invasion to overthrow Castro, which was a colossal failure that gave the US a black eye in the world. They spy on Americans, hack into their electronics, and yet consistently fail to catch terrorist operations. They have been overthrowing governments in the Middle East for over 50 years now, and the situation there is worse than it has ever been.

They can’t even provide basic military intelligence. Commanders complain that they are in the dark about basic matters like enemy location, strength, and capabilities. One Colonel estimated that he only got 4% of his useful intelligence from classified reports, like those generated by the CIA and clandestine military intelligence.


Open Source Intelligence is when everyone, including your intelligence agencies, openly shares all of their information. Instead of hiding information, intelligence officials will publish names and dossiers of suspected foreign terrorists, last known addresses, suspected contacts, and the like. This will enable others to work with the info and catch dangerous people; a police officer will pick up a suspect for a petty crime, crosscheck them against a database, and realize this person is suspected of terrorism, or a string of murders. Banks will better screen for money laundering, citizens can share information on suspicious activities, and more.

History has consistently shown that open source intelligence is far more effective. Having agencies that share their information openly with each other and the public are not only safer, they simply work better. Each operative can see the big picture, and will be better able to put the pieces together. Meanwhile, businesses can prepare themselves against potential attacks, and citizens will be able to actually participate meaningfully in their own defense, instead of being told “if you see something, say something” and pray that the inept intelligence community will put all the pieces together.

For a concrete example, think of how the FBI publishes its “Top Ten Most Wanted” list to help gather information from citizens. The TV show “America’s Most Wanted” led to the arrest of at least 17 criminals during its run. Many of these were dangerous criminals with cold cases that were solved with little more than information sharing.

Every nation does have secrets, and America will still need to have a few. Things like our troop movements on the battlefield would need to have stricter “need to know” levels of classification. A small service of secret counterintelligence agents is necessary to protect the nation from foreign agents. And deep cover law enforcement is necessary to infiltrate criminal groups. However, all of these secret activities will have “open books” to the civilian leadership of the nation. This includes full disclosure of all operations and actions to our elected officials, and answering questions from the president or any member of Congress that wishes to inquire about any of their activities. Secrecy and information hiding will be treated as treason, not routine practice.


If you’re reading this, you are the resistance. We must stand up and demand change in our government. It starts with learning and understanding how we can have a better future. Read the New Federalist Papers on this site, and understand how we can have 0% taxes, 20% economic growth, and peaceful cooperation with the world. Then spread the word to others.

Don’t wait for the cavalry. Be the cavalry.




For more information on Open Source Intelligence, we recommend the work of Robert David Steele: