Starship Earth: The Big Picture

A lot of video has come in by now of the December 27th event from various vantage points and the more I see, the less the light in the clouds resembles mere reflection of the “transformer fire” below.

Transformer fires are usually bright white. Where does the blue come from? Perhaps “Project Blue Beam”.  Perhaps they referred to their pet “fake alien invasion” agenda that way because Tesla technology creates that characteristic blue hue.

The fact that there was a UFO-related event in Louisiana just hours before, as well as the “drone” issue that also shut down London’s Gatwick airport for over 30 hours where footage has come in of a saucer on site, causes our suspicion antennae to twitch violently.  It all smacks of “black projects” and we await the true story behind these events.  ~ BP

*RAW FOOTAGE UNSEEN* Queens, NY Con-Edison Plant Explosion!!