Washington Post

I’m pleased to say that the Bill of Rights Institute has put together Documents of Freedom, a free digital civics course with material on American history, government, and economics. The course builds on excerpts from over 100 primary sources, including the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, presidential speeches, Supreme Court cases, and the Founding documents; and it offers an extensive set of original essays, focusing on principles such as federalism, separation of powers, limited government, checks and balances, republican government, consent of the governed, natural rights, rule of law, and due process, as well as virtues like self-governance, humility, integrity, justice, perseverance, respect, contribution, and responsibility. Of course, the materials can also be used as a free supplement to normal textbooks, and are usable for home-schooling as well as for the classroom.

The Institute would love to have teachers independently evaluate the site, and offer suggestions on how it can be improved; because it’s online, it can always be enhanced and corrected as necessary. If you’re interested in participating, please e-mail Kirk Higgins at khiggins@billofrightsinstitute.org.

Disclosure: I was happy to be a consultant on the course, for which I received an honorarium; an introductory essay of mine will be included in the materials, though it isn’t up yet.