New Mandela Effect

This is an interesting New Mandela effect firstly because SO many people remember this as truth and secondly how much public residual evidence there is to back it up.

So The Questions is: Was Ed McMahon ever the spokesman for Publishers Clearing House? The answer is No! This effect has shocked many people who would absolutely swear that he was.

As mentioned above, a great thing about this Mis-memory is that there is a ton of residual examples proving that others remember it that way as well. Not only the amount of people who swore that one day “Ed was going to show up on their doorstep with a huge check (such as in this clip from the Golden Girls From Season 2 Episode 2.)


Golden Girls YouTube Video Where Rose Claims Ed McMahon is coming from Publishers Clearing house

Then there is an actual Ed McMahon Autobiography clip that states the same thing. Seeing as this episode was literally about the life of Ed McMahon – this is a pretty big error to make.

Ed MacMahon Publishers Clearing House Mandela Effect CNN also made reference to his being a spokesperson for Publishers when he passed away. This is a network you would hope did a little background research. (Sorry I realize that might be a silly thing to say during this current news climate.)

And then there is the clip in 1991 where Johnny Carson appeared on David Letterman holding a huge check and sure enough it does say Publishers Clearing House on it. Though obviously a joke – you would assume Johnny was aware who Ed actually worked for.




Where The Confusion Might Lie: The truth is that Ed McMahon was a spokesman for a company called American Family Publishers. A much smaller company that went out of business fairly quickly.  Here is a video below:


So I guess we can possibly see how a very famous personality could be confused with hawking a very famous  Sweepstakes Company. However, this is still an effect that people will actually swear by. So far 100% of the people I have asked swear that this is the truth. I personally haven’t found a single doubter yet.

So What Do You Remember?

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Ed Was the Spokesperson For Publishers

HE was not

Not Sure

I Don’t Consider This a Mandela Effect

Credits: You Tube Video: Indigo Moon