Dear Friends,

The New Moon is Saturday, March 1 at 1:00AM Mountain Time, Midnight on Friday, February 28/March 1, Pacific Time. The time to celebrate it in the US would be on Friday night.

This New Moon is especially potent in providing an opportunity to ask the question, “where am I committed?” And if not why? It is never too late to weed out what does not serve you and commit to something that does. Take some time on this New Moon to revisit intentions and goals that you set back in December and at the beginning of this year and just take note of where you are with them. If some intentions were too ambitious, scale them down to something more practical without judgment. If they were not ambitious enough, refine them and dream bigger. If some have already been realized, be grateful. Notice where you are lacking in resolve and commitment. Perhaps it is with your practices or with taking action. If you feel unsupported, recommit to receiving support. It’s out there. You just have to ask. Set a new set of resolutions for yourself that will support your intentions. Be committed.