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New Moon is Saturday June 8, at 9:58 AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). New Moon is always s a still point and an opportunity to reset. This month it should truly support being still and offer you the gift of time to go within and be internal. Take some time to just sit and contemplate, and to be in nature and to honor the space between the past and the future as being right in the present where everything and nothing exist at the same time. Contemplate what expansion really means. Expansion requires space, a space where things are not arranged and controlled and organized and attached to past experiences or future expectations.

Allow the transition energy to work itself into a flow so that you can feel expansion and allow that expansion to fill the still point of the new moon. In this way you give yourself the gift of allowing something that you could never have imagined take seed. You do not need to know the answers or the “how” of things. You need only to know the” what”. What is it that you want?


ASTROLOGICAL NOTES: Written by Patricia Liles
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Gemini New Moon

Saturday, June 8, 2013 9:58 AM MDT

(3:58 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Sun and Moon in Gemini 18º

We have a Mercury-ruled chart at New Moon in Gemini so networking, mental agility, fast-talking sociability, and flexibility will certainly be highlighted.  Gemini gets its designation as ‘The Twins’ from the two bright stars, Castor and Pollux, in the constellation Gemini.  Here we embrace all forms of duality-the conscious and unconscious, love and hate, me and you, faith and doubt-experience each side of the continuum, and with the flexibility of a mutable, air sign, integrate, synthesize and transmute the difference into a new perception.  Because Gemini is blessed with the gift of communication in all forms – speaking, teaching, negotiating, translating, convincing, writing…, they are able to bridge and link others minds’ with their myriad of experiences.  Fleet-footed Mercury comes to us from Roman mythology, but the lineage is through the more ancient forms of Hermes in Greek mythology and Thoth, God of Knowledge, in Egyptian culture.  Mercury, our fastest moving planet and closest to the Sun, is considered neutral and often androgynous.  He’s just the messenger; it’s just information.  Considered highly adaptable to his environment, he can adapt and interpret information from one arena to the next.  Depth is not Mercury’s forte, and be aware of the slightly deceitful, weak-willed nature of this airy sign. (read more link here)


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