Chetan Rana       December 22, 2013      Psychology, Science     3 Comments

chakras-624x351According to a new study, most people probably have the ability to predict the future and influence the events before they happen. The study conducted by an American psychologist suggests that people have hidden psychic powers that allow them to foresee the events that are going to happen in the future.

Professor Daryl Bem of Cornell University, New York conducted nine different experiments involving more than 1000 volunteers and everyone except one person appeared to have psychic powers.

In one of the experiments, the volunteers were asked to memorize a list of words and then to recall them. After that, they were given a random set of the words to type out. As a result, the volunteers recalled some words with more ease, which indeed were the words they were later to type. Thus, it seems that their ability to memorize was affected by a future event.

In another experiment, the volunteers were asked to choose between two hidden images on the computer screen the most erotic one. “They have chosen the correct picture so many times that it can not be regarded as a coincidence“, claimed Dr. Bem. The position of the image was randomly changing each time when the volunteers were asked to take their decision, which, according to Bem, means that they could read the “intentions” of the computer.

Psychologist Joachim Krueger believes that the claim that human possesses psychic powers is ridiculous, but after studying the results of Bem’s research acknowledged that “frankly, everything seems to be correctly connected between each other“.


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