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Posted: 10/18/13 8:38 AM

Electric vehicles are a pretty good solution for the very serious problem of particulate and carbon pollution that cars and trucks pour into the air. But adoption has been slow because drivers aren’t willing to risk running out of juice mid-trip. Until charging stations are nearly as easy to find as gasoline, the problem of vehicular pollution will remain stalled.

hevo-chargerNew York startup HEVO is offering one clever improvement, making it easier to recharge electric vehicles, or EVs, in cities. It’s offering reservable parking spots featuring what look like manholes in the pavement, but are in fact wireless charging devices that will give the trucks a little more juice while they sit.

Wireless charging eliminates the clumsiness of cords in a crowded city environment. And because the parking spaces can be reserved, they reduce the chances that delivery truck drivers will rack up costly parking tickets.

But, no, a few minutes of charging while the driver unloads a couple dollies of office supplies or soda will not fully charge a truck.

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