Seismograph shows Nukes going off maybe 5 in total in Pegasus basin

Here we go again : This time we know what to look for :

Here is the company doing exploratory work: Oh They are from Texas “Skull n Bones” The Bush Family.

Anadarko and the Pegasus Basin exploratory works ( AKA Nuke planting division):

Here is the ship they brought down to implant the nukes in the sea bed. (Look up it’s whereabouts)


Here is the area where they are to be exploring : Anadarko drill jpg

Here is the earthquakes swarm :


Here is what to expect form a mother Gaia earthquake:


Now  look at all the nuke explosions : Normally there is a build up but here we see an immediate spike like a blast.

Here is the seismographs from yesterday:


Military Drill has gone Live in New Zealand URGENT Remix share Please get info out

Spread wide and far:

Love and Light To Brett and Carol in NZ: