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notes-pinkgreenpin128Some notations on a blog I frequent…interesting tidbits…

5) Mintaka is a faction of the Niburian race that joined the Andromedan Council, told the Andromedan Council that if Israel is attacked, they will come to their aid.
6) Niburu motherships spotted entering our solar system. Items #5, #6, & #9 pertain to the excerpt of the below interview with Alex Collier on June 16th 2001.
Q: It has been reported on the Web Ring that the Niburu Mintakans have joined the Andromedan Council. That in itself has raised many eyebrows. Do you know why they joined the Andromedan Council Alex?
A: No I actually don’t. I just know they were given permission to enter the solar system to retrieve lost or left behind mining equipment on Mars and punish those Phobos/Deimos controllers. But apparently they are not supposed to have any contact with us unless the state of Israel’s survival is completely threatened so the Pleiadians would request their help. The reason they are adamant about that is that the Ibri (spelling unknown), which is the ancient Jewish tribes; one specific tribe is in fact a direct genetic lineage to them. And they don’t want their seed eliminated from the planet.
Q: Are they a part of the Andromedan Council?
A: Well, one specific part of the family is. And that would be the part of the family that is connected or its lineage is delineated from Enki, who we know as Pa’tah. My understanding is that Enlil, Jehovah has not actually been allowed in. Niburu is many different tribes mainly Sirians, Capella, Alkaid and Mintaka. They made up many different tribes. But you have to understand that the word Niburu according to Moraney means: Marriage Of Two Tribes. One of the things is that they do a lot of things separately because they are not always united. Hence the Sumerian texts and other things that have gone on apparently in our galaxy as well. They tell us that the families didn’t always get along with each other. And this is absolutely the case. It is still very much going on.
This internal feud between these two families, or step-families I should say. Or step brothers, the lineage of the brothers. The Enki tribe from Mintaka Star System has in fact been allowed to become a part of the Andromedan Council. And they are the ones who are apparently in the solar system already retrieving mining equipment from Mars Planet. Now, this has not been said before, and I sometimes sit with information before I put it out. I admit that openly and freely. But anyways, the solar flares that astronomers are seeing on Mars obviously are not solar flares. You cannot have solar flares on Mars because it isn’t a sun or a star. What’s actually going on is that there is a group of Greys and Orions that are on the planet Mars who actually are trying to defend their turf, they’re stolen territory more or less. And it is actually the Niburu Mintaka I-Son Mother Ship who are going in there to retrieve their mining equipment and defeat those insectilians from Phobos and Deimos. They are basically blasting them out of the sky. So that’s what you are seeing. You are seeing the battles, you are seeing a war on Mars. That planet is full of life and everything that NASA told you is FALSE, they just tried to keep the truth out of the public because they follow the Grey Orionite agenda since the Roswell Trojan Horse covenant… one of their agreements is to facilitate slaves from human population to work as miners on Mars so they need people don’t know where they really are when they are taken, abducted and placed on Mars surface, a planet full of life as could be Earth… but remember the bluish skies on Earth are Orange on Mars and the white clouds are red exactly as a cloudy Sunset on Earth, never forget this if you are taken by them… life is reptilian and amphibian on that planet… the same as they told us was here on dinosaurian ages.
Q: Somebody on the Web ring asked about that. That is excellent thank you.
A: Everything’s been sped up. The intervention of the extraction of 2003. It appears that it’s all being sped up. Which I personally think it’s a great idea. The place is really starting to stink.
Q: Do the Andromedan’s trust the Niburu?
A: I don’t think so. I don’t think so at all to be perfectly honest with you. And the reason I have that feeling is because I specifically asked Moraney when I found out about this; you must be joking, you are kidding me right? Why would you allow this? And he looked at me and he just said,
“We are only a part of the Council Table. We are not the majority, we do not control.”
And that was his answer. So it was obvious to me that other races felt that they could be trusted and they voted for it. I think that the Andromedan are leery and the Niburu have a history of not keeping their word. They are very geared towards self. They have been.
7) Solar flares reported coming from the surface of Mars. Mars is a noted Reptilian / Grey hangout base. And it was reported that the so called Martian solar flares were actually skirmishes with the Niburu Mintakan Mother Ship I-Son.
8) Moons of Mars reported to have changed orbit or even have disappeared, it means that they were destroyed by I-Son during the battles against the orionite greys and their possessed reptilians.
9) Reports of the huge Niburian Mintakan mothership heading toward Earth after the battle against Deimos (Alpha Draconis) and Phobos (Orion Empire).