Published on Dec 22, 2018


Hey Guys so as of a few days ago my entire channel got demonetized. They state its due to something called “Duplication” yet after contacting “Support” several times YouTube has offered no explanation as to what this means or why. It seems I have apparently committed a “Crime” yet they will not tell you what crime I have committed yet this is my “Punishment” Don our voiceover artist is paid extra for use of his work via commercial avenues… I also have to pay for software, and many other things surrounding the running of the channel itself. This means that I now have no income until/unless YouTube reinstates my monetisation and with a daughter due in January and a son to feed this is going to hit me hard. It’s soul destroying to consider my 2 years of exhaustive efforts could come to nothing, please if you love my work and the content that I create, help us. Please consider donating a small $1 donation via Patreon, Paypal or Bitcoin to allow me to continue the channel, my work, its mission to expose the truth of our lost and stolen heritage, and its ongoing discoveries. Also to help support my living expenses, my 2 year old son and my daughter due in January. Without your help it will not be able to survive. Thank you all so so much. Patreon: PayPal: Bitcoin: 35A3EcewcJzXLxLe9uanEefXzrH8CjiDJh Narration By Don Moffit: