Intel Disclosure, March 21, 2012

        by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

                Download of Prager’s preface here:

We have several issues to discuss today in our usual informal format.  As “disclosure” is promised, we will touch on that first.

11 years after 9/11, scientists from America’s weapons labs will be releasing conclusive data on the types of weapons used to destroy the World Trade Center. 

The outlet will be through Jeff Prager, we will carry as much of the material, it is volumes, as possible, but the original source is both official, highly classified and less “unauthorized” than believed. 

Word is, that, based on lack of any movement toward investigation, the White House has set a “leak anything you want” policy, especially during this election year and based on what is a fear that anything not disclosed now will provide a reason to silence President Obama prior to a very probable second term.

A bit of background and we will move on.  During closed hearings of the 9/11 Commission, information was requested of the Department of Energy about the possibility that nuclear weapons “may have been on the planes,” to quote what I am not supposed to be able to quote.  Remember, this was their line of questioning, not my own.

The DOE responded by saying that the smallest weapon in their arsenal was over 300 pounds and would fit inside a “steamer trunk.”

The photo below is of a second generation fission weapon first tested in 1959:

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