The Angels Speak ~ via Simon Nightstarr ~ February 13th, 2013

As channeled by Simon Nightstarr
The Angels Speak:

work-life-balanceDear ones, contrary to popular belief in your society, nothing is ever created through hard work. This may seem to be untrue to many of you from a deep subconscious level, yet we remind you that what your senses perceive in any given moment is but a reflection of your personal beliefs, many of which were adopted from your parents and other key influences in your life since childhood. We perceive the energetic patterns behind your belief systems, and we see that the general belief in “hard work” is forced upon you in your society since birth. It is not presented to you by your parents and society as something that you “may” choose to believe in, but rather you are, in a sense, force fed this belief system with great tenacity.

We perceive that all things are created spontaneously through the mind within the field of consciousness, and that nothing is ever created through physical labor. Understand that physical actions are effects, not causes. Mind is the builder. You may certainly choose to believe in hard work for as long as you feel it rewards you, yet we say that your true reward is the Love of God that has already been given you. Your belief in hard work is very often a mental program that says that pain, struggle, stress and difficulty are necessary for you to achieve the results that you desire. This is a mass belief, not just a personal one, and thus it is greatly supported, fed and preserved as “true” by the masses in general, which makes it seem even MORE real to an individual.

We would like to help you burst this bubble of mass human belief in hard work being a requirement for living, beginning with inspiring open-minded individuals such as yourselves to find paths of least resistance to your highest desires. We realize that many of you here have long been aware that there is another way, another choice that can be made that will set your feet upon a brighter path, and that this growing awareness of New Thought has in fact positively shifted your personal and collective destinies many times. It is no mistake why you are called “Lightworkers” instead of “heavy workers,” as corny as this may sound to some of you. 🙂 Your role here is to affect mass human consciousness with the infectious compassion and joy of your Higher Selves, and this does indeed involve playing in the mud awhile as you discover new ways of creating cleaner, healthier, happier and EASIER living for yourselves and your communities.

The Three Keys to Create Heaven on Earth!

The basis of all creation is your freely loving Spirit, which truly holds nothing back as It gives you the Keys to creating Heaven on Earth. These Keys are Love, Wisdom and Power. You are loving, wise and powerful beings at the core, and it is these three qualities of your Higher Self that we shall speak a little about here now. The Key of Love is a gift from your Higher Heart, your Spiritual Heart. This Key unlocks the subconscious doors of fear that act as barriers between you and your higher awareness of allowing all of your emotions to be deeply acknowledged, felt and allowed to freely pass through you. This Key shows you how to think and therefore act with greater forgiveness and compassion, teaching you the golden lesson of Self-appreciation. The Key of Wisdom is a gift from your Higher Mind, and this Key unlocks the subconscious doors of ignorance that prevent you from seeing with crystal clear understanding. This Key opens you to New Thought, Divine Thought, giving you a clearer understanding of why you chose your thoughts and beliefs, which includes transcending the belief in hard work. The purpose of this Key is to help you remember your Divine Self. The Key of Power is a gift from your Divine Will that unlocks the subconscious doors of disempowerment and victimhood that keep you from fully stepping into your God-given role as a Lightworker. This Key teaches you how to BE a channel of Divine Power in your thoughts, words and actions. Together, all Three Keys are holy aspects of your Higher Self, and they are gifts to assist you in creating a more joyous life experience as you increasingly awaken to your True Nature.

Dear ones, nothing is ever created through hard work (nor through any degree of physical effort) simply because all action is really the movement of consciousness, the movement of vibrational thought. Once you truly understand this metaphysical principle, not just theoretically but practically, you are then essentially adept at using the Three Keys. This is Self-mastery. We acknowledge that your work, even your “hard work,” is a valid and necessary part of your human expression as you expand your consciousness, shift beyond third density and master your creative abilities. We are so deeply in love with you all, not just for the human roles that your Souls are playing, but truly for the Divine Perfection that we, your Angels, see you as, behind your human identities. Amen.
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