by Cassandra Anderson
2013 June 21

Corruption concept.The NSA and FBI had an easy time this week covering up the facts during a House Select Intelligence Committee hearing on the NSA’s domestic spy program.

During the hearing, NSA Director, General Alexander, was asked whether his agency had the ability to read emails and listen to phone calls of millions of Americans. His response was: “No, we don’t have the authority”.

That was an obvious sidestep of the question. Everyone knows the NSA does not have authority to do that. The reason for the hearing is to discover if the agency is doing it anyway. It is appalling that none of the Congressmen present challenged Alexander’s response.

Here is Judge Napolitano’s take on this testimony.


Sean Joyce, Deputy Director of the FBI defended the spy program by claiming that it prevented 50 terrorist attacks and that the New York Stock Exchange was saved as a result. When Joyce was questioned by a member of Congress whether the NYSE plot was a serious one, he claimed: “I think the jury considered it serious since they were all convicted.”

However, ABC investigated the matter and found that there was no jury trial for the three accused terrorists, and none of them were even charged with planning an attack on Wall Street. In fact, the attack on Wall Street was not part of the trial at all. The charge was related to supporting members of al-Qaeda.

Here is the Fox News report expressing outrage over the government’s numerous lies:


It is sobering to realize that that over a million people have “top secret” access to the data that the NSA is collecting on you, and 38% of them work for contractors in the private sector. Meanwhile, almost 5-million people have clearance to access “confidential and secret” government information. After obtaining a security clearance, workers in the electronic communications field can access private networks that are walled-off from the public. In other words, your personal data is available to millions of people. Anyone with political connections or sufficient money for bribes, can learn everything about your private life.