Obama’s Operation Hammer Scandal & Human Compromise w/ Dr. Dave Janda (1of2)

Jan 16, 2019

Learn more about the Hair Growth Serum and help support cancer research: See latest episode with scientist Ian Mitchell explain their cancer trials:… 8 FREE Health talks and 1000’s more if you join the Health Means FREE community: Monday 14th, sign up here: See more of Lynn & Paul’s work and use this link and code “Sarah” to receive an additional 15% discount on any purchase) Dr. Dave Janda rejoins the program to discuss the latest bombshell disclosure of Obama’s Operation Hammer that was initiated by the President of Obama to spy on judges, politicians, and millions of Americans to have leverage to maintain power. Janda believes this scandal is the reason the media has concentrated to heavily on the FISA document. It was a big diversion tactic. We also discuss the series of interviews with Detective “Jimmy Boots” Rothstein on the devastating effects of human compromise. In part 2, Janda covers the bombshell revelations exposed in the Clinton hearings. This is a must see interview. See more information like this by joining his Operation Freedom network at See an additional exclusive segment with Dr. Dave Janda on my Patreon channel. He discusses what the true reason was for the Benghazi Scandal. Another must see! Thank you for watching and for supporting my channel!