by Staff Writers
Washington (AFP) Jan 31, 2014

The Pentagon has tallied reports of a shameful litany of bad behavior among its officers and employees in a voluminous tome entitled “The Encyclopedia of Ethical Failures.”

From bribery to kickbacks to falsifying travel expenses, the document is designed as a guide — and a warning — to teach troops and civil servants about ethics laws.

Written in a breezy style free of bureaucratic jargon, the annual catalogue is updated every year with fresh examples of poor judgement and scams gone wrong.

Published by the General Counsel’s Standards of Conduct Office, this year’s edition includes the story of three generals and an admiral who extended an official trip to Tokyo by a day so they could enjoy a round of golf — at a cost to taxpayers of about $3,000.

That case was listed under the heading: “A Swing and a Miss for Senior Officers Using Government Funds on Golf Outing.”

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