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Tory Smith_0.jpgMy name is Tory Smith and I was abducted to 14 out of the 41 MILAB locations. What I witnessed in these nazi-like locations horrifies me. I was raped on table beds along side small children, who I witnessed being raped by politicians, corporate executives, and military men. These men have an addiction driven by their lust for power, and that is to kill the children during forced intercourse. Not all the men kill the children, only those selected by those who operate these human testing and torture facilities. Brutal rape was the most polite thing they did to me there.


Two of these men are serial pedophiles Mitch Daniels and Mike Pence. I know them well because they both have raped me several times. Daniels has raped me 4 times, and Pence sometimes brought 3 Indiana State Police troopers with him and raped me  6 times together. Besides being a witness firsthand, I also know what these men who rape children in MILABS do because of empathic abilities enhanced after penetrating and ejaculating inside me, the ability to see and read information encoded in DNA, and being what some call being a gifted psychic, and then I have been speaking with people in Heaven for more than 2 decades, including the children who are killed.


The first weekend in November was the last time Indiana Governor Mike Pence murdered a small child, a 6 year old girl. She will not tell me her name, nor will Heaven, but I do know she was abducted in Indianapolis, where she was a resident, by two CIA agents. She was brought to the governors mansion, and the two agents and Pence repeatedly raped her in the basement. Pence killed the child by choking her to death while he was penetrating her. This was the same weekend I remotely witnessed Dick Cheney murder 26 children in the MILAB in Denver, Colorado. I was guided by Heaven to find the discarnate Souls of the children that missed their tunnel of Light, so we could help them get to Heaven.


I remotely found the girl murdered by Pence and the CIA in the basement, and created a tunnel of Light for her, and explained that she could go through the tunnel, and Mother God and Angels would be on the end of it to help her and Heal her completely. She went immediately, and later came to visit me to thank me for helping her get Home. The two CIA agents took her corpse and put it into some kind of tub. They poured in a chemical, an acid, dissolved the body, and then flushed her down the drain. This is such a horrible way for anyone to die, let alone a little girl.


Pence has raped a total of 66 children, 38 of them in MILABS, and killed 6 of them by choking them to death. Former Governor Mitch Daniels is also participating in MILAB child trafficking as well.  He has raped a total of 47 children, 29 in MILABS, 1 in the governors mansion, 3 at the Chantilly, VA Bilderberg child raping festival, and 14 in other private locations. The Bilderberg group is a club of pedophiles that rape and murder 30-40 children every time they get together. Sometimes they take children home for more of their torture desires. Some of them like to cut the small penis’s off of the boys and wave them around like trophies.

Daniels has killed 5 children, all in MILABS, by choking them to death. One of the children he murdered followed him around, a small girl named Michelle, who her family called Shelly. She followed him until he came to me, and I helped her return Home to Heaven. Daniels came to visit me to brag about killing again because he thought there was nothing I could do about it. Both the Indiana State Police and the Indianapolis Municipal Police Dept are protecting these two killers and suppressing evidence, and there are three ISP troopers that rape with Pence on a regular basis. It was the Bush family that invited Pence and Daniels into this.


In January 2015,  2156 children that were raped and killed in MILABS were processed and then shipped to a Minneapolis, Minnesota area Cargill plant and put into the meat supply. In the past,  men of MILABS traded the bodies of the children to a group of Insectians, who in turn provided weapons technology to them, but the Insectians are gone, so now they are processing the children into a paste, shipping them to Cargill, who then are putting the children into their meat supply.


68 more children have been processed in the same way as of the 12th of February, the children raped and murdered the first weekend of February in MILABS. Heaven says there were only 13 children killed the second weekend, so things are getting better, but no child should have to be killed this way.


These facilities were created after the government brought most of the Nazi war criminals here to America after WWII. The same Human testing they did in the concentration camps expanded in many ways to include chemical and drug testing, biological and chemical weapons testing, and to do Human sacrifices to their gods lucifer and satan, which gave them certain powers. But it no longer does, as Satan and Lucifer were arrested in September of 2013, and all energies created by these killings are Transmuted and Transfigured into the Light, giving them no power or protection from Karma.