Feb 7, 2019

2/7: Mueller was hauled before the court in 2002 for 75 cases of FISA abuse. Meanwhile, RBG FF staged in DC on 2/5. We are being entrained accept massive fragmentation while infantic_de is being pushed for the benefit of Big MED/Pharma/Tech– the biomedical industry is a creation of the Cabal meant to take over human reproduction.………… Please get educated by joining the National Liberty Alliance, where you can take free classes on the Constitution or pay $5 per month to take their Government by Consent course to learn how we take action now to act locally to prevent tyranny by the fake federal “government”: Learn about creating an industry as a cooperative in your own community: If you would like to Support You Are Free TV: Patrons of YAFTV receive 20% off C60 Purple Power ALL the time and are entered into a monthly C60 Purple power 3 bottle giveaway!! When u become a patron, you will be sent an email with your discount code! Tomorrow, 2/8, YAFTV will launch a bi-weekly live stream exclusively for Patrons on Friday 3pm PDT/6pm EDT! Subscribers of YAFTV receive 10% off of C60 Purple Power products with the code: fr10 Other ways to support the channel: PayPal: (Pls. no personal msgs here, thx!) –Hit the friends and family tab if you can…thx! CRYPTO donations: Bitcoin: 1K2mQ5S6na5k5QGPS2Hve7pMMUNrxsRqJQ BCH: 18hNpMyVsj37CBiHuRMD6cCL9Gr5dNU2e8 Ether: 0x7DF493B943520e28aC5f93737b6Cbf27A1C01a79 Litecoin: Ld4HEnQUk28A415BrAECUUHtRTNZkZ2uYK