Published on Oct 28, 2014

• How and why I came to Earth
• The ancestors of the human beings on Earth
• Our concept and understanding of the creator
• Your true heritage and your greatness
• You are Soul
• The universe is full of planets and beings
• Reality is a matter of perception
• Imagination is the key to creation
• Everything in this world was someones imagination, before it became reality
• Life on the astral level
• The Transformation of the Earth
• I don’t believe in judgement and criticism
• Soul is here to make experience
• Your intuition tells you if something good for you or not
• Focus on your own development and balance
• The journey of Soul through the levels of consciousness
• God created everything out of love in non-ending cycles
• Unconditional love means “I love you just because you exist.”
• The Venusian history is part of your heritage
• Minute 41.55: Anja explains Omnec Onec’s material that’s available (book, DVD, CDs)


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