Dear Grid- and Lightworkers,
We all know about the Harmonic Convergence which took place August 16/17 in 1987. It marked the beginning of Humanity changing the prophecies of ancient times from apocalyptic disaster to Ascension. Since that day MANY world wide synchronized meditations have taken place in order to help bring PEACE to the peoples and LOVE to the hearts of mankind and a new paradigm, which we have begun to call “NEW EARTH”, into reality.
José Argüelles, the “Closer of the Cycle(video: 17:00) as he was called by 9 Mayan elders when they recognized him as the one who would reform and renovate the Mayan Calender, initiator of the Harmonic Convergence and messenger of the 12-21-12 closing of the Cycle end date, was considered the re-incarnation of Pacal Votan. Interestingly enough, he died on March 23 2011 – March 23rd being the date of Birth of Pacal Votan 603 BC, the magician of time and mathematics and Mayan King for 68 years.
On August 16th and 17th we will celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, and thus the closing of the first half of a 52 year cycle.
As we entered the New Mayan Year called “Yellow GALACTIC SEED” on July 26th, this celebration can be regarded as a SEED which we plant now in the Year CERO, half a year after the 12-21-12 Shift of the Ages. This seed will grow roots and develop its full potential within the coming 26 years – and YOU can be PART of it!
The way in which you decide to participate is entirely up to you.
It may suffice to be consciously AWARE of the fact that August 16th/17th is a TURNING POINT in history and whatever way you choose to deepen this insight is perfect – and your piece of the puzzle which you add to the bigger picture which will be “full grown” in 2039.
The following suggestions are ideas which you may or may not use – but please SPREAD the INFORMATION that August 16th/17th is a true TURNING POINT from the old to the new paradigm of LOVE and Mutual Support! And if you have other interesting ideas which you would like to SHARE so we can all benefit from them, you are WELCOME to follow this link and do so 🙂
You could …
1.) … tune in to the RAINBOW BRIDGE Meditations – sunrise and sunset are traditional times and will serve perfectly. You can also choose one or several of the following Lightgrid Connexion Times for the purpose – 12 am/pm and 6 am/pm Central European Time (to find out what time this is in your time zone, click HERE, please). But ANY time is ok – just FOLLOW the Flow 😉
2.) … plant a SEED Crystal or a special Stone with the intention to PLANT the seed of PEACE, HARMONY and UNITY on Earth. You can do it physically burrying the Crystal or Stone – or in a personal meditation.
3.) … create a Crystal Grid for Peace, Harmony and Unity and connect to ALL the Lightworkers around the Globe in meditation who will actively be celebrating this special date.
4.) … let the FLOW of Creative Energy manifest in whatever kind of ART you feel drawn to – according to the motto that LIFE is ART! In this way you can materialize the energies of that day for future personal or public reference. And if you would like to SHARE your art – you are whole heartedly welcome to do so here.
5.) … do what your HEART tells you – maybe tell your beloved ones what they MEAN to you, help your neighbor even if you don’t like him all too much, start a project for the benefit of someone else or celebrate the day in the circle of friends and family, inviting JOY into your lives!
Whatever option you choose – keep in mind throughout the two days that THIS is the Time that will later on be said to have been crucial in the shift from the old paradigm of the survival of the fittest and strongest to the paradigm of Unity and Christ Consciousness 🙂
Be aware as much as you can that ALL AROUND THE EARTH lightworkers are gathering, synchronized meditations are taking place – and that YOU can tune in by following your heart’s whisperings and walking your talk. You are already contributing through simply en-JOY-ing life – because the new paradigm is about bringing the colours of FREEDOM, PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY into our Being which all result in JOY:-)
I wish you a most wonder-filled Celebration, SEEDING the Age of Love and Prosperity, Peace and Harmony, Unity and LIGHT and hope that you will bring this date to the attention of your friends and family, passing on this or your personal message of WHAT IS TO TAKE PLACE,
Sonja Myriel RAouine
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