Hey Folks!

2015-03-08 17.44.332015-04-12 12.26.23First off, this is a picture taken when I was finally able to meet Kevin in person. We were all goofing around and I caught this photo of Kevin. It just seems like it is a well needed representation of the guy we all know walks into some of the darkest pathways of society….time for a good giggle wouldn’t you say?

If you have been wondering where Kevin Annett has gone, he has resurfaced today! He became so quiet in the last several months that people began to wonder what he was up to. Well, he comes clean in this on-the-fly interview about what he has been working on and why he needed some much needed “space” to process some deep seated feelings he has been carrying for decades.

And by the way…he wants to thank all of you who have stood strong for The Cause and “not been distracted because of a well planned, highly funded campaign against him and his work” – he is still going strong and making great headway on once and for all bringing down the corrupt and diabolical elite with their satanic ritualistic ceremonies and child sacrifice parties.

Check out the following links which are brought up in the interview regarding the Catholic Church’s up and coming Year of the Jubilee…interesting timing wouldn’t you say?



I once again put a call out to The Guardians…you know who you are. The time is now to step forward…listen on.

I think you will enjoy this one! We both did!

With love,