Aliens Breed Out Human Emotions – But Does That Lead to More Violence

Fri May 17, 2013 8:58 pm (PDT) . Posted by:
Deep_Forest_Aliens_AbductionsYes I know about the theory of aliens abducting people to get the human
emotional life force back into their species but there is also another
theory about some aliens trying to get rid of mankind’s emotions maybe for
New World Order & Super Soldier purposes. And I believe that this has been
going on for 1000’s of years by the bad aliens, the cabal, the illuminati or
else how could evil people like Hitler, Stallin, Saddam Hussein etc., ever exist?
Lots of people go through childhood being abused but they don’t all grow up
murdering or abusing other people.
Anger, hatred, jealousy, etc., exist in all of us, but sometimes it takes everything
in our souls NOT to go through with retaliation no matter how hurtful someone
has been to us. All humans are tested daily and sadly some humans snap and
commit atrocities.
CL you said,
“Another thing is if some of us humans are being made emotionless how could they be motivated to do such violent things?”
My point exactly. So if humans are being bred without emotion than you would logically think that there would be no motivation to kill. However, having no emotions also means that you could kill someone and never feel remorse for it ever.
So that’s why I think that some human’s may have already been tampered with by aliens in regards to their lack of emotions allowing them to rape and kill others without remorse.
The Galactic Counsel will not allow Humans to join because of our violent nature, but think about it, NO HUMAN NEWBORN BABY iIS BORN VIOLENT. So where does it come from aside from genetics, family upbringing and experiences? Other than demonic possession I think that the notion of aliens doing this to humans for 1000’s of years is a real possibility. You would think that aliens with all of their advance technology and the fact that they have been abducting and experimenting with mankind for 1000’s of years would’ve already bred out the violent gene out of humankind. That’s why I suspect that something else is going on here, perhaps a hidden agenda.

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