Let’s Send Out a Unified Worldwide Wave of Our Old Pain and be Ready to Receive the Tsunami Wave of Love
One Wave Out and One Wave InWe have been told that this process of change on Gaia is very much up to us. Here is a suggestion to help us quicken the process of our liberation.
Is it not so that we have to reach a point of ‘giving up the battle’ to allow the energy to change? Is it not through ‘RELEASE’ that miracles occur?
Enough is enough! This week I reached the point of feeling so strongly that I had no desire any longer to write about the atrocities of one kind or another taking place on this planet. I’m satisfied that enough is enough. I witness others around me having similar reactions to continuing on – continuing to ‘battle on’ in one way or another. One dear Light Warrior friend decided to stop carrying pain and suffering for the planet! We are so many who have been doing this for so long.

So many – so so many people battle on – on an uphill trek – trying to reach freedom. We long for freedom from financial lack, freedom from illness, freedom from never ending responsibilities, dreaming all the while of a time of freedom to BE.

It is in release that miracles happen, like refusing for one moment longer to carry a burden on our back. Mother has asked us so many times that we give our troubles to her. I’m not saying here that we should become passive. Nor am I saying that we should cease to care, or to speak our truth.

Very often when we take the time out that is necessary to be – to be quiet – to listen to the silence – to give up – to say something like “that’s it – there is absolutely nothing more that I can do in this situation – there’s nothing that I wish to do any longer – I just give up” oftentimes when we get to that point and we simply rest and sleep and be that’s when Source – can reach us with the next step to take, can reach us with a solution to our problem that we have not been able to see before because we were so busy trying too hard.

Time to Release All Pain Contracts Now!

Maybe it’s time we all ‘give up en mass’ to allow change to come in?
Maybe that in that release of a huge wave of energy – a huge wave of the gathered released energy of all that we have carried – rising up from this planet – will leave the space for The Wave to come and do Its work?

Let us now create an enormous wave together – a literal tsunami wave of release of all the suffering, all I the pain, all the anguish, let us see how this huge wave of release grows and grows and builds all round Gaia – it gathers and unites and builds and leaves this planet’s surface and returns to Source. Source receives it and sends us a wave of Pure Love in return – a Tsunami Wave of pure love in return – the One that we are all waiting for. It’s time now to let go and Let God – to allow The One Mother Father liberate this planet from the veil of darkness – which we have accepted as our reality for way too long.

We Must Release Karmic Pain Contracts Now!

We have been lured into a belief of ‘the law of karma’ being in existence here. The ones who created and kept this ‘law’ in place were the so called ‘lords of karma’ and we have learned that they have been running the show on the lower etheric astral plane around this planet. They lured so many of us to reincarnate here time and time again – telling us – in their roll playing of pretend Light beings, that we had not been perfect enough and so had to return here and do a better job to be allowed to go to Heaven.

That is not the case now any longer. These beings are returning to Source en mass – their veil – web – net is like a broken spider’s web that gets blown away when a strong wind comes. A strong wind is coming. We are all feeling – experiencing now in our bodies the effects of increasing solar flares and sun activity as also the Pink Light from our Galactic Family along with increasing Divine Light Penetration directly from Goddess – Divine Mother. It’s time NOW to give up, to release, to tell your Spirit Guides that you now from this moment on, no longer hold to any contract that you might have agreed to with these so called lords of karma in the past. Say clearly to Spirit that you now absolutely – completely – once and for all release all agreements to take on any kind of suffering or pain for humanity.

Therese Zumi Sumner 03/04/2014 at 1356 PM