Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dear Alex,

You kindly invited me to come up with a ‘protocol’ for the Mandala Sphere Laser Healing Device I ordered from you.

You mentioned it was kind of like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the ‘early’ stages of Apple at your company.

It is my pleasure to assist in this way.

What I will offer to humanity are three ‘Protocols’ to use for this device, depending on the need of the individual that is doing the healing, and what kind of healing you can expect.


Reiki Doc

Protocol A: For Everyone
(this incorporates basic laser safety and use in a medical setting or laboratory setting.)

  1.  Prepare a space for your healing to take place. One safety precaution is to post prominent signs on all entry to the room–on the outside of the door with signs that are commercially available, like ‘No Trespassing’ signs that are plastic with big orange letters on black, that say ‘Laser In Use’-CAUTION.
  2. Follow basic laser safety, and provide safety glasses. There are orange ones for CO2 laser, kind of quartz grey ones for KTP laser. I am not sure exactly what ‘kind’ of laser this device is, and I am still working to find what ones ‘match’ to provide the eye protection against possible exposure of the laser beam to the retina which can cause permanent damage (this is true for almost all lasers, but I do not know exactly the kind of laser beam involved in this healing device).
  3. Your client can have wet gauze and a layer of aluminum foil on top to protect their eyes instead. We sometimes do this for patients in the O.R., but typically we use the glasses.
  4. Until you get the glasses, make sure the crystal is always in the correct place in the device, as this absorbs the energy too, and is ‘safe’ as long as the crystal is present.
  5. Turn on the device (the switch on the far right). It will hum.
  6. Select a healing modality ‘program’ with the knob by looking at what flashes on the screen. For example, this morning I chose ‘Philosophical Comprehension’.
  7. Double-check to make sure all working parts are connected–the cable and the end piece and the crystal. Hold the end piece in your hand.
  8. Think (to yourself) or say (to an assistant) in a commanding, loud announcement, Laser ON! and turn the key like you would to turn on a car. This activates the laser.
  9. In medicine, depending on the need, the laser that is deep is used in short pulses, and the surgeon steps on a pedal, and makes the bursts go (or presses a button).  Our laser is always ‘on’ but mentally you can use it to ‘blast at’ blockages in the energy field, or to ‘sweep’ over the client. I prefer the sweeping motion over every inch of a photograph. Lasers need passes. Today on my distance healing on a photo I did five ‘sweeps’.
  10. When you are finished with the healing, announce in a loud command, Laser OFF! and have the key turned back to the safety position. Depending on the healing, a surgeon will repeat both commands several times during a case. Feel free to do this with the laser, too, as appropriate to where you are placing your focus during the treatment. (you might wish to use different ‘programs’ during a healing, for example, ‘mental clarity’, ‘grounding and centering’, and ‘calm’ in sequence.)
Following Laser Safety Protocols separates the ‘exceptional healers’ from ‘the others’–in this photograph both client and esthetician eyes are protected.

Protocol B:  For Non-Reiki Trained Energy Workers
(this protocol incorporates the added benefit of being sensitive to ‘subtle energies’)

  1. You are going to feel a tremendous surge of energy while you are working with this device. So will your client. Please warn them what to expect, and what precautions to take just like you would in a regular Energy Healing session. (get up off the treatment table slow, take it easy, drink plenty of fluids to ground the energies after the healing session.)
  2. Feel free to follow your ‘intuitive guidance’ during the healing, and incorporate it as an additional ‘layer’ to your treatment with the laser healing device.
  3. Respect that this is a Quantum Healing device–and in quantum physics, the observer affects the outcome of the experiment.   Your conscious and unconscious mental and emotional state is going to influence the overall effectiveness of the healing that is experienced by the client or patient. Therefore, be extremely mindful of what you do as a healer, both in the treatment room, and in your daily life outside it.
  4. Give your time to the client at the end to let them share their experiences–mental, physical, emotional, spiritual–with you. Many times clients have no one to share their new ‘experiences’ with. A caring, trusted, open healing attitude will help them assimilate and ‘process’ the ‘new’ type of healing they have just had, if you allow them a few minutes to talk. Be reassuring, and instill positivity in the client at all times. This is healing, too, and is important.
  5. Because of the quantum nature of the device, in a perfect world, the only one who would touch the device is you. It becomes an ‘extension of yourself’ as a healing tool. It will be ‘calibrated’ to your energy over time, and the healing potential from this device will increase the more you successfully use it to heal others.

Protocol C: For Reiki Trained Healers
(this protocol adds the contribution of Spirit to the healing paradigm)

  1. In Reiki, we are a channel of energy from Source to the client. We ‘connect’ with our Reiki guides who are in another, Higher Dimension, who are present and provide the energy to us to reach to client where it is needed most. Therefore respect and invite the healing guides you work with to come assist you in this laser energy healing session, same as you always do.
  2. This particular device has CKR and some other Reiki protocols designed into it. They are settings on the knob that show up on the small screen. Feel free to begin and close all sessions with a super-charged CKR, if you so wish.
  3. Using Protocols A and B, follow your intuitive guidance, and add Reiki symbols, toning, and other ‘techniques’ to the healing session for the maximum benefit of your client. (Intuition guides me completely, from selection of the crystal to use, to where to place the laser in the aura, and more.)
  4. Be sure to thank your guides at the end.
  5. Share your learning on your use of the device with other like-minded healers.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I am not a White Dragon, but my birth year is Dragon. I love all who work for the Light, and consider myself White Dragon by ‘cosmic association’. Perhaps one day the connection will be ‘more’ but for now, I am honored and it is my pleasure to serve in this capacity I am currently serving humankind today.