At a time when energies are so incredibly high, this little article is timely!  The way in which he presents it is intriguing as well.

hilarion and wifePosted: 11 Jun 2012 01:08 PM PDT

Our power of power, on which we are focusing from May 21 – June 21, expresses primarily via three levels or aspects: 1) voice box and throat for speaking the word, 2) upper limbs – shoulders, arms and hands for lifting, moving, grasping, writing, computing, manipulating, etc., and 3) our lower limbs – hips, legs and feet for walking, dancing, taking a stand, standing on our own two feet, being grounded in our use of power, and stepping out on faith.

The Higher Power, that of the Holy Spirit, pours down upon us from above, down into our crown chakra and cerebrum, and from there down to our throat and laynx. Let’s say that we experienced this outpouring and infilling mostly for the first 10 days of the month of power, from say about May 21 – 31.

From there, the Holy Power pours down and out our arms, so that we can get a handle on things, lift things, grasp things, manipulate things positively on Earth, and use our hands to write, type, compute, draw and create in other ways. Let’s say that emphasis on our upper limbs was in the second 10 days of our month of power, from about June 1 – 11.

So, that takes us to now, the start of the third 10 days in the month of power, from about June 11 – 21, when the pour flows all the way down our body, along our legs and out our feet. This is our 10 days to ground It, with It being the Holy Spirit or the One Power. Because until we get It grounded, and apply the Power in some practical, efficient, meaingful, helpful way, our power gets dissipated and diffused, without doing much of any good.

Get grounded! From above, at the crown/creberum all the way down the the soles of your feet: Be one power packed, flowing, grounded circuit of the Holy Spirit. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground. One step at a time.

Sometimes, in these remaining10 days, which are the end of the spring cycle of energy influx, we may have trouble holding the full complement of power in and through our four lower bodies. It may feel a bit at times like we may burst at the seams. So, we may have minor symptoms, for no seemingly good outer, discernible reason. Our joints may ache, we amy have trouble sleeping, our mind may fog, our emotions may get on edge, minor digestive problems may occur, etc. If so, take whatever remedies that are helpful. However, remember to go with the flow of the power.

Be sure as part of getting grounded that you do not hang unto the higher energies still pouring into you in this one final influx. Rather, send them out, broadcast them to others or other places, feel them coming out your hands and feet into the atmosphere and earth around you. Let go and let the power flow.

Steady now. Just 10 more days. We are almost there, done with this cycle, filled to the brim with power. Keep you eye focused on being grounded, both feet on the ground, standing your ground, standing back from problems that are not of you making or calling for your involvement.

Get more grounded. Be God grounded. Be grounded in God, Who is with you, around you and flowing all the way through you, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Step forward in the faith that God can do all things through you. So be it.

Visualization: Imagine that the Holy Spirit pours down and into your crown chakra and cerebrum. From there it flows down into each lower chakra and corresponding physical organ(s), and from there out into the surrounding auric field. Your auric envelope thus fills from the top down, from above to below.

See the vital Christ energy pouring all the way down through you and down your legs, until it enters and passes through the souls of your feet into the earth itself. Your God Self now is grounded on Earth. You talk the God talk and you walk the God walk.