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Published on Feb 6, 2018

Alexandra Silby Meadors and Laura Legere have an open chat about the topics of the day, including missions, Trump’s State of The Union, and more. Join us for some mind melding and fun! Check out our Daily Blog page: Like our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter:

About the Laura Legere

Laura Legere grew up in Virginia, left home at 18 and moved straight to the west coast and settled there for 42 years. She explored several interesting occupations, commercial fishing in Alaska, a deckhand on a cruise ship as well as tugboats. She traveled by sailboat from Hawaii to Samoa and back to Alaska before becoming a high voltage cable-splicer for the power company. She is back in Virginia taking care of her mother and hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains. She is finding that the unusual rock formations in the Blue Ridge Mountains are not natural formations, but ancient megaliths and pyramids left before the native people were on the scene. Laura has led an adventurous life and is the author of It’s Not Weird Anymore: An Extraordinary True Tale and winner of the 2011 Readers Favorite Award. You can read and excerpt and look through her Blue Ridge Mountain Megalithic photos here:

Laura’s focus of service and purpose is assisting people with healthy living, personal growth and spiritual exploration through her private practice as a massage therapist and teacher of natural healing in essential oils. She has always been a gifted networker as well as a great storyteller and loves to point people in a purposeful positive

Laura Legere

Author of It’s Not Weird Anymore: 

An Extraordinary True Tale and

Winner of the

2011 Readers Favorite Award