474px-Drafting_of_the_Declaration_of_IndependenceValentine’s Day is traditionally the day that we affirm or re affirm our love and commitment to those we hold near and dear. This year we allneed to search our hearts and souls and ask ourselves how best we mayhonor that commitment to our nation as well as family and friends.

Our country has been seized by a corrupt gang of self serving betrayers and is no longer “the land of the free”. It remains to be seen whether it is still “the home of the brave”. The constant erosion of our rights and freedoms has reached the point where, if “we the people” do not stand up and challenge national leadership – we will be forever slaves to the tyrannical, pseudoaristocracy in Washington, DC.

This country, once a true beacon to the oppressed people’s around the world, is fast becoming what we all loath. What our ancestors immigrated to get away from. We are beset by rules, regulations, executive decrees,thousands upon thousands of pages of laws which no one has read
and those in power have exempted themselves for personal gain.

Today is the day, now is the hour to stand up, declare that your love for your country. Announce your commitment to freedom we all hold so dear. Doesn’t it mean more to you than your comfort (being eroded every day), your income (declining by the month), your health concerns (taken over by the government)? It is beyond time toassert that this beloved country and it’s future is in our hands and that “we the people”, have had enough and are going to take it back. The commitment to freedom and liberty of this wonderful country has been signed and sealed with the blood of patriots. We owe it to those that fought the good fight and fighting now, to stand up and demand the freedom and liberty our ancestors paid so high a price to secure.
Tell your loved ones, because you care for them and their futures, because you love them more than words can say – you will sacrifice,whatever it takes to lock arms with patriots joining OperationAmerican Spring in Washington, DC on the May 16, 2014, and staying as long as it takes to begin constitutional restoration.

Join the millions that love their country and are willing to stand up and say so! Join up, join in – BE THERE!
There is no better way to declare your love for America on this Valentine’s Day – 2014 than to sacrifice as needed on May 16, 2014, in Washington, D.C.
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