Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening,

October 14, 2013


First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon: Aquarius/Pisces

oracleThe mindset you hold (and therefore the energetic signature you emit) imprints deeply today.  Some days are more “ripe” for imprinting because the energetic themes actually involve the principle of imprinting.  Action undertaken today ripples out into space-time with a unique and magically-empowered force.  Knowing this, how do you want to influence the field of consciousness?

In a shamanic practice, today we would split our intention/action in two: one focus on intention/action for the collective of humanity and one focus on intention/action for ourselves.

Duality of mind (two sides of matters; doing two things at a time) is highlighted today.  This also means that there is a second side, second story, or second chance with situations.

There is also double-think, and today and tomorrow we enter one of the windows of time I highlighted last month as being key times for forces opposed to humanity to make big moves to further their agenda.  This is because the Sun moves into opposition with the Eris Point.  Remember that the Eris energy is the favorite of Illuminati magicians because they push the chaotic, destructive, ultra-feminine warrior side of Eris, as opposed to the nurturing, illuminative, creative, mother side.  So wise owls are always vigilent during such a time, and maintain strong, grounded connection and stability with Gaia-Sophia.

What seems like magic is really just the science of consciousness.  The line of your energetic signature is powerful today.  Let’s make a good mark!

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