Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, analyze, process, digest

Moon: Aries


oracleThe planets are making many angles to each other today, which means a lot happens in life.  Additionally, the Moon has moved to Aries, a cardinal sign, and activates the Black Moon.  It’s one of those “rebirthing” days for Cancers, Capricorns, Black Moon in Cancer, or Black Moon in Capricorn.  (Hang in there, guys.  The Black Moon’s transit through Cancer is half over.  Remember that you are on the hero’s/heroine’s journey through the underworld and this requires that we surrender to the process.  Don’t lose sight of the fact that a great spiritual reward is waiting at the end.)

There is “wide swing” today, with situations and feelings vacillating back and forth, mainly between anger and love.  The undercurrent is a feeling of being all over the place, uncontained, or out of control.  This is the result of things (and people) undergoing change.  Our mission is to stay centered and to keep things centered amidst the wide swing.

Today is the last day before the Full Moon of the Full time of year.  Full phases bring things to fullest potential, fullest expression, fullest understanding.  Energetically speaking, this is the “lightest” time of year – meaning the most enlightened.  Light often blinds and shocks.  Recall that the New Moon on October 4 opposed Uranus, the Planet of Change, Surpise, and Shock.  The Full Moon phase brings to fullest light anything that was present or in process or intended back at the New Moon.  Those themes have been worked all month long and reach a sort of apex with the Full Moon phase.  The themes are then refined throughout the remainder of the month.

But today is Full Moon Eve and the astrological aspects will bring on the fever.  Anger needs to be checked today.  It is best turned over to a higher power like the Kalis (the Wisdom Goddesses, a.k.a. the Mahavidyas).  Because Mars is in opposition to Neptune today, spiritual connection is empowered.  If something gets too tough to handle, walk away from it.  Let a short amount of time intervene to change up the situation.  As mentioned, there is wide swing and rapid change today so things will flip back and forth.  This also means the power to change is in our hands as well.

Both the Sun and Venus are disseminating themes involving the archetypal energies of the eagle and the dove.  There is much one could say about this.  What do these energies symbolize for you?  How do they interrelate?  In what ways are you (or someone else) like both?  Contemplation on this will unlock personal understanding of something that is happening in your life.  Let their medicine teach you.  And if you spot either an eagle or a dove today, take note.  Insight and revelation are offered about the situation you are in or are thinking about when you spot one.

Happy Full Moon Eve, everyone!  Stay centered and focused as the change continues.