T – Daily Energetic Analysis During the Return of Wisdom, October 28, 2013

Third Quarter Moon Phase: realign, revise, reorient, accept responsibility

Moon: Leo/Virgo

oracleToday we need to take a deep breath and continue through the energy.  We have several elements in play:

1- First and foremost, Mercury retrograde packs a double punch today.  It’s noisy.  It is harder for us to communicate and harder for us to understand.  It will take extra effort or even starting over.  This includes travel plans.  So we want to be patient, allow extra time for important things, and take deep breaths.

2- We have to go below the surface of the way things appear.  Today it is more likely that much more is going on below the surface than what is being shown.  To understand fully, we will need to take a deep breath and dive to look deeply.

3-We feel like we are in new territory – unfamiliar territory – which will require time to adjust.  This month we have been like miners emerging from a deep coal mine.  We are aimed directly toward the light.  What we are seeing about ourselves and our lives can be painful under this much light.  It can hurt to see.  There is certainly extra light with yet another X-flare released from the Sun today.  But what is actually happening is a readjustment, a realignment, a reorientation toward more light and that translates to life being better.

All of this is happening to make things better.  This is the thing to remember today while we breathe through the energy.

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