Wednesday, October 4, 2012

First let me begin by saying thank you to everyone who sent warm wishes, energy, and messages about my grandmother’s passing.  I was overwhelmed by the outpouring and buoyed by the love.  There is no way I can reply to everyone, so please know that your thoughts were well received!  I am truly blessed.

We have a lot of conjunctions in the sky on the eve of Saturn’s entry in Scorpio:  Mercury and Saturn; Mars and the North Node; the South Node, the Moon, and the Black Moon.  In addition, Venus is opposing Neptune.  This makes for a lot of activity in the sky and on Earth.  The position of the Sun says it all, though: “miners emerging from a deep coalmine.”  This speaks not only to our emergence from the inner transformation at the turning point, but to now bringing forward what we have (and who we are) into the light.  WIth all of the astrological activity today, it’s sure to be eventful.  The keyword is “emergence” so be aware that all kinds of things will emerge.  The Sun is approaching opposition with Uranus, but is in close enough range for things that are emerging to come from out of the blue, quite unexpectedly.  The end result of whatever emerges will be positive – even if it doesn’t appear this way as it happens.  My teacher was wise and taught me that we are saved by our rejections.  I have always found this to be true, but it is especially true with Uranus.  Uranus doesn’t only bring changes that are difficult; many are quite a relief.  I mention this for those who experience an emergence that feels like a rejection.

Now for tomorrow’s meditation.  I re-posted last week’s picture of this dog because it is its own gatekeeper.  If you have any sort of negative reaction or hesitation about this picture, do not participate in tomorrow’s activity.  Just blow past all of this and disregard it.  You can continue to read the daily reports without any other attachment.

If, however, you resonate with or find this creature beautiful, you have the go ahead to participate and are in fact called to do so.  Dogs are the guardians of the underworld – the land of Scorpio.  Please know in advance that there is no danger (energetically or otherwise) in this meditation.  We aren’t fighting against anything.  We are standing with the planet – Gaia/Sophia – and have her protection in place.  You see, the wild card in her great experiment (her creative vision) of humanity is humanity itself.  The question of humanity’s success lies in if humanity will awaken and stand alongside her as she makes corrections to all sorts of things (and forces) that would see the experiment fail.  Remember that the Sabian symbol for this lunar month was “Mary and her lamb.”  This is the heart of it.  Mary represents the planet and we are the lambs.  We are going to join her at this key junction in the experiment.

What we will be doing is joining our personal energy with her energy that is clustered at power points around the Earth.  It is merely a merging.  But it is a merging with the following intention to those humans who are dominated by negative forces beyond our realm: you may not pass; we do not allow you to harm your fellow humans.  Saturn in Scorpio is the time when the Illuminati are going to make their moves against freedom, joy, and individuality.  Remember that this will last until Christmas 2014.  The energy of these gates or power places will be siphoned to empower practices toward the ill of humanity.  This is our time to make our move – a joining with the spirit of the Earth.  The upgrade since July has made us stronger and more connected.  Our eneretic voice is powerful.  So be clear on what we are doing.  We are not fighting;  we are holding.

Now, of course this will not prevent the destruction, distress, and suffering that will take place over the next two years.  But it will make a difference because we, the wild card, have emerged and are participants with the artist herself.

If you can’t participate in the group meditation exactly at 4:34 pm ET/8:34 pm UT tomorrow, that’s ok.  It can be done any time after the Sun rises tomorrow.  This is my suggestion, and any personal touches of your own that you add will only enhance the effects.  It is best to do this outdoors, but not necessary.

  • Focus on the picture of the owl’s eyes that I will post tomorrow.
  • Turn on your inner eye and visualize white light surrounding you.
  • Visualize yourself turning into a blazing ball of white light.
  • Pitcure yourself magnetically attracted to a much bigger blazing ball of white light and then fly into it. (The bigger ball may have a landscape around it.  That’s fine.)
  • Feel yourself immersed within the bigger light and repeat the mantra: you may not pass; we do not allow you to harm your fellow humans.
  • Remain immersed for as long or as short as you like.  Open your eyes, return to normal awareness, and pay close attention to what you observe around you for the remainder of the day.  Make sure you are back in normal attention if you are going to drive or engage in anything where you need to be present.
  • Find beauty in the world around you.

If you have any questions about this, please forward them via the facebook group or  I will set aside time today and tonight to answer.