Thursday, November 1, 2012

Full Moon Phase – Moon in Gemini

Something is going to be imparted to us today.  Most likely this will be knowledge, wisdom, insight, or, in keeping with this month’s theme of new opportunities, something that takes you or your mindset down a new path.  It may be a “renewed” path.  Since Venus will transit opposite Uranus, what is delivered may be quite unexpected.  The trick will be having the ears to listen or the eyes to see it when it comes.  So we will need to be extra-sensitive to what is going on around us.  Go outside of your box.  What is the universe showing you today?  We remain in the window of time until November 6 where the energy is challenging to navigate. To manage this, focus on your down-to-earth needs.  The past few days have been chaotic and fast.  Try to slow things down as night falls because we need a bit of restoration.  Keep in mind that this window of time is trying to also help us establish new and better boundaries, so devote your time wisely.