Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment, October 21, 2013

Full Moon: illumination, realization, shadows

Moon: Taurus/Gemini

oracleAh, Mercury retrograde.  Today’s original report is lost in cyberspace, so this second try is a testimony to the fact that everyone forgets when Mercury stations retrograde: it is designed to make things better.

Usually, the day a planet stations retrograde or direct is the craziest.  When a planet stations retrograde, it appears to move backward in the sky.  Mercury will be retrograde through November 10.  During this time, we see challenges with all types of communication (interpersonal, professional, telecommunication, etc.), all types of electronics (especially electronic communication devices like mobile phones), and all things related to travel (schedules, routes, accidents, plans).  These issues are more pronounced on the day Mercury changes its course.

Mercury retogrades require the utmost patience and flexibility.  If possible, allow extra time to get places because it takes longer to travel (usually due to accidents or electronic failures).  We get stressed when we are late, so take all of that kind of energy out of the equation if you start to get wound up.  Mercury also rules energetic waves, signals, and signatures.  It is particularly effective at changing your frame of mind.  Take things down a notch and proceed with a different mind set.

Mind set is changed via knowledge.  Your knowledge today is that Mercury retrograde makes things better.  It’s like this: Little Mercury, with his golden winged shoes, tears backward to hone, fine-tune, and refine anything that is in the works.  In other words, Mercury retrograde is not a good time to launch anything new, but it is a great time to work on something already underway and then launched later.  Things become better than they were due to the time devoted to letting them grow.

Much frustration can be avoided when you step out of Mercury’s tornado and let him pass.  When he strikes and messes up the plan, it’s best to laugh and surrender.  Take a breath and start again.  Let’s not hate on Mercury retrograde.

Mercury stations retrograde at 19 Scorpio: “a parrot listening and then talking, repeats a conversation he has heard.”  This symbol tells us that during the retrograde, knowledge will be transmitted.  We want to capture as much of this as possible without overdoing it.  Headaches are the prime sign that you are overdoing it.  The Wisdom Goddess, Gaia-Sophia, will be transmitting a huge amount of data into the collective of humanity.  All kinds of ideas for things will emerge from projects, hopes, dreams that already exist in some form.  Ideas for stories and ideas for ways to express things will flourish.

Since this is a prime opportunity to influence signals, negative agendas will take advantage of this by loading all kinds of negative ideas into the collective.  Back away from things that drag you down (like mainstream media, which will be directed to put forth the saddest and ugliest stories they can find).  Scorpio retrogrades go to core.  We’ll go to the core of the planet herself, not the core of an archetypal hell that is being painted before our eyes.  This goes for the entire retrograde.

For today, be patient…